It was his observations of the young Florence Cook that brought Crookes’ work to critical attention.

The fundamental anomaly which Dr. Crookes and others observed was that “light pressure” caused the repulsion of dark bodies, and the attraction of reflective bodies. The analytic process simply disintegrated the world into nothingness. . The work of each of these legends, in their study of vital force, had somehow managed to offend the intellectuals. A few resisted, could not follow.

But this master tailor was no twisted branch, no prodigal son.

From this time his life was passed in London, devoted mainly to independent work. of biological energy) has provided the most potent reevaluation of the phenomenon to date. On yet another, the personal revelations. [Crookes’s] astute enterprising aims had as their first order of priority a self sufficiency without aristocratic rule or restriction. He always managed to speak on several simultaneous levels. 01, A collection of Journal of Borderlands Research Volumes can be downloaded here:, A collection of Gerry Vassilatos work including the VRIL Compendiums can be downloaded here:

But this revulsion of all things pre-modem manifested an unmistakable tendency to repulse and repudiate themes which were Vitalistic.

Those persons sat in his audience.

When the dark space is very much larger than the cup, its outline forms an irregular ellipsoid, drawn in toward the focal point… the whole appearance being strikingly similar to the rays of the sun reflected from a concave mirror.”. Those whose minds now grasped the whole message of the one who stood before them, fell silent.

In all of these important considerations we see that the mechanistic view and its explanations usually results from highly valued topical effects of least importance, caused by more dominant fundamental energies of Nature. Such devices were therefore always referred to, not as industrial appliances, but rather as “philosophical toys”; his elegant and final answer to each challenging polemic.

Dr. Crookes saw that, as soon as light was admitted into his balancing apparatus, the delicate device moved quite violently.

. Von Hoffmann viewed each stray scientific fact and phenomenon as of paramount importance. Of the illustrious Society and its message to the world at large, they seemed utterly incapable of offering anything in the way of adornment or enrichment.

To these collateral questions, I must now invite the attention of my fellow-workers in Science.

Were there, he wondered, any young hearts out in the audience of similar affections and intuitive skills? Direct, tactile, and irrefutable. One heard the dour temperament in the affected congestions of their speech. Electrical connection was established with a second large globe, an elongated ovoid. His first published papers in 1851 were on the subject of selenocyanides, new compounds of the element selenium. From poverty to riches. “In this realm of marvels, this wonderland [18]toward which scientific enquiry is sending out its pioneers, can anything be more astonishing than the delicacy of the instrumental aids which the workers bring with them?” Dr. Crookes was relentless in his provocation of the scientific aristocracy. This demonstration Radiometer gave a most remarkable demonstration of the mechanical energy exerted by the dark space itself, a singular anomaly. . Collectively, the demonstration was a marvel, a true philosophical argument in the best Victorian tradition. He was not vindictive, but was rather soft in approach. But William was indignant of these self indulgent traditions. Sir William suddenly appeared to have now satisfied himself that his message was well received.

Collections of rubies.

Sir William had long championed the notion that the qualities of matter were not sourced in their “atomic focal points.”. or not learned them correctly. From his findings, two main lines of research occupied Crookes: the properties of highly rarefied gases and the investigation of the elements of the “rare earths”. In the pantheon of our qualitative science there stand a grand assembly of highly venerated persons, the mere mention of whose names is sufficient to evoke inexpressible sentiments. But his theoretical views on the nature of "radiant matter" proved to be mistaken. Having well comprehended the present dilemma, Sir William fully intended to baffle the minds of his younger antagonists.

His coup-de-grace was a large and bulbous “electric” Radiometer.

But the greater exertions Nature makes at each step of the change becomes greatest in the passage from gaseous to the radiant form…” He was not now averse to making formal statements concerning the luminiferous aether. But he was not concerned that his work was being critiqued, so much as that the Victorian approach to science was being critiqued.

Had they pierced through to his exact intimations concerning that phenomena? But his subsequent accomplishments had several trenchant motives, not the least of which was an importation of the German scientific ideal.

Nevertheless, he was determined to conduct his inquiry impartially and described the conditions he imposed on mediums as follows: "It must be at my own house, and my own selection of friends and spectators, under my own conditions, and I may do whatever I like as regards apparatus" (Doyle 1926: volume 1, 177). He did not care so much that they were vexed, as much as he was delighted that his point pierced their defense. With these large demonstration vessels, he would provoke his detractors into a renewed revelation of Radiant Matter. In 1910 he was appointed as a Member of the Order of Merit by King Edward VII. He stated that as matter ascends in the scale of forms …it does not cease at the gaseous state.

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