Here's what it said: "Feelings. Mike was the first of his friends to develop trust for El, even falling in love with her. When this failed and Eleven dumped Mike, Mike and Lucas were very eager to make up as soon as possible, whereas Will had a different approach to the situation and likely believed it would've been better to wait, and use the time in the meantime for D&D and other friend activities. Joyce finds the crinkled piece of paper in his Sheriff uniform and hands it to Eleven so she can read it. Sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's surprising. And then, I left some Eggos out in the woods and you came into my life and... for the first time in a long time, I started to feel things again. As they waited for Eleven to find the Flayed, Nancy was shocked to hear that Eleven broke up with Mike and criticized him for controlling Eleven, stating that Eleven is her own person capable of making her own choices. But lately, I guess I’ve been feeling… distant from you. This along with Max, blaming Mike for wanting to control Eleven, put a strain on their relationship and became even more strained after Max and Eleven spied on him and Lucas. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. But, please, if you don’t mind, for the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open three inches.”, Emma is Sarah’s best friend from back home. When the Demogorgon attacks, Mike and his friends take the chance to carry Eleven to safety. However, after Jim Hopper complicated Mike's relationship with Eleven, Mike sought Lucas's help in fixing his relationship with Eleven.

Eleven was frustrated at Mike for seemingly wanting to control her and not believing in her, though he would later reveal to everyone except Eleven (who wasn't present in the room) that he was only behaving like this because he loved her and he couldn't lose her again. During their time together, Mike and Eleven formed a strong bond and quickly grew to like each other. After discovering the Mind Flayer had returned and possessed Billy, Lucas wanted to burn the Mind Flayer out of Billy, but Mike said that they also needed to stop the Mind Flayer other than Billy. Once Will was found, Mike was happy that he had returned home safely; however, he was greatly devastated by Eleven's sacrifice to defeat the Demogorgon. If you're reading this, you probably like "Stranger Things." After being unable to accept Eleven's presumed disappearance, Mike started behaving peculiarly which caused Karen, unaware of the cause, to compel him to pack a major portion of his toys, frustrating Mike even more. Like you’re pulling away from me or something. El? Both Mike and Lucas continued to work together in battling the Mind Flayer before the Gate was closed once again. That said, Will still tried to help Mike when he grew dangerously close to getting dumped by Eleven, by helping him and Lucas look for an apology gift in the mall. In fact, he maybe even unsold that statement because the ending of season 3 is absolutely devastating thanks to Chief Hopper's emotional speech to his adopted daughter Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her boyfriend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard). Despite this, however, Mike and Nancy are still shown to care for each other, despite getting on each other's nerves. Unlike Dustin and Lucas, Mike understood right away that, despite her powers and strange appearance, she was ultimately just another kid. When Mike's best friend, Will Byers, mysteriously went missing, he and his other friends, Lucas and Dustin, made it their mission to find him. [1], The Duffers likened how Finn was "less cliché" and more "fidgety" as opposed to how they imagined Mike and adjusted the character, giving him more of a leadership type of role. Don't let me stop you. Mike had a healthy but somewhat strained relationship with his mother. He was protective of Eleven as he feared of losing her again, but he eventually shed his overprotectiveness of Eleven after reconciling with her. ", (Editor's note: I should also point out that Joyce wrote the first half of the speech and left little notes of advice like "STAY CALM" and "LISTEN - remember to BREATHE" on the paper which may or may not have me sobbing into my keyboard right now.).
Mike was also the only one out of his friends to stay with Will in the lab when he was suffering from memory loss and was manipulated by the Mind Flayer to kill them, proving that he was always ready to put himself in harm's way to protect his friends. He knew that Karen was always there to comfort and protect him. In 1985, Mike's relationship with his sister seemed to have improved greatly after all they have been through for the past two years. It's just... not how life works. But I know that's naive. Dustin suspected that Lucas was jealous that Mike's attention was primarily going towards Eleven. Read the full thing here.

And I just walked up to you and I asked...I asked if you wanted to be my friend.

MIKE: A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. When Mike took all of his anger out, Hopper stopped and comforted a sobbing Mike, apologizing to him as he realized how wrong he was to keep Eleven hidden. And I guess… if i’m being really honest, that’s what scares me. You said yes. However, after Lucas realized that Eleven had good intentions and saved them from the agents of Hawkins Lab, he apologized and made up with both her and Mike. I don't want things to change. Michael "Mike" Wheeler, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard, is one of the main protagonists of Stranger Things. However, when Mike admitted that he's afraid of losing Eleven and that he truly loves her, Nancy is surprised to hear this. Study. The hurt is good. I knew nobody. El recalls how Mike expressed his feelings for her at the cabin and kisses him, telling him she loves him too. [1], Due to sickness, Wolfhard had to film the entire audition tape for Stranger Things from his bed. It means you're out of that cave. It means you’re out of that cave. When discovering the Mind Flayer had returned to Hawkins, Will worked together with Mike to stop it. In 1985, their relationship was blossoming more and more, much to her father's dismay. After the Mind Flayer's defeat, three months later, Mike is allowed to use Cerebro by Dustin to contact Eleven. So I think maybe that’s why I came here, to try to maybe… stop that change.
However, he never gives up hope for her, calling for her on his Supercom for 353 days in a row as well as keeping the pillow fort in perfect condition in regards to her memory, unaware that she was actually alive and was attempting to communicate back. Karen appeared frustrated that both Mike and Nancy seemed unwilling to be honest and open with her. Mike would then later reveal that he only avoided Eleven because Hopper had threatened him and they reconciled in the hospital while waiting for Nancy and Jonathan to get back. Watching her apparent death devastates Mike as he mourns her loss. And yeah, sometimes it’s painful. It's me, it's Mike. In 1984, when playing at the Palace Arcade and trying to figure out the identity of "MADMAX," Lucas tried to urge Mike to give Keith a date with Nancy, which Mike refused.

This even broke out into a full-fledged fight, though Eleven brought the scuffle to an abrupt end. Moreover, when Eleven disintegrated the Demogorgon and vanished away, Mike was severely traumatized by her disappearance and struggled.

She comes to town because Sarah’s mom […], Mike’s bestfriend is throwing his life away. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. So I think maybe that's why I came here, to try to maybe... stop that change.

However, he disobeyed her orders to not go looking for Will and frequently lied to her. Later, when the Mind Flayer attacks Hopper's cabin, Nancy does everything to protect her brother and his friends. Mike and Lucas lived next door to each other for most of their childhoods and quickly became best friends. Mike and Eleven developed a special relationship in the six days they knew each other. Four weeks later, Wolfhard was cast as Mike. Fearful, Mike did as he was told and kept his distance from El, lying to her and saying his nana was sick. When she was in pain he was extremely worried about her. His undying love and concern for her were also explicit when he endeavored to convince the group to distract the Demodogs from Eleven, defying Steve's orders, as well as keeping his promise to her by attending the Snow Ball. He then explains to Eleven that he likes her as more than a friend and kisses her to explain his love for her as she doesn't understand what he's trying to say. And then, I left some Eggos out in the woods and you came into my life and… for the first time in a long time, I started to feel things again. In 1984, Mike went with Will, Joyce, and Bob to rescue Hopper in the Upside Down tunnels, showing he's willing to come to Hopper's aid. Yeah, you people… I didn’t […], copyright @ Studio Hubbub.

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