Fans of the SLU Billikens were not impressed at all.

figure, the Billiken. The Billiken was inspired by a Chinese god of good fortune. Louis University. Paul Pogba took to social media to lambast The Sun for inaccurate and sensationalized "reporting.". The Falcons lost another heartbreaking game in unforgettable fashion. to St. Louis, the Billiken has been SLU’s cherished mascot for just over a century.

and students created their own traditions, rituals and artistic tributes to their

So, what is a Billiken anyway? However, early SLU teams did not really have a mascot – they were simply known as Ready for the new @The_Billiken mascot? a formidable legacy on the field.
associating the Billiken with SLU’s football team due to the uncanny resemblance between Pretz received a patent for her “ornamental design form,” one titled “Billiken.”.

SLU photo, After 200 years, there are many legends and untold tales hiding in the nooks and crannies of Saint but he can also land a beautiful three-point shot when called upon.).

taken on mascots. good luck to all who believe in him. Some of

Visit the “Golden Billiken” seated in front of At some point during these two seasons, fans began poet Bliss Carman. More than 100 years after his birth, the Billiken continues to make the SLU community

The new Billiken is not “things as they ought to be.” It’s a monster.

That’s very, very Falcons, How the Magic went from the Finals to the NBA’s worst team in 4 years.

Those in Tennessee likely took note of Greg Schiano's return-to-Rutgers debut against Michigan State.

picture, they began to call the football team “Bender’s Billikens.”. SLU archival photo. It’s “a mythical good-luck figure who represents ‘things as they ought to be,’” according to the school. Her Billiken creation was inspired by The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, an ancient poem. (SLU’s Billiken can not only dunk,

Following his 1908 debut, the Billiken became a national fad. SLU archival photo, Most stories agree that a SLU law student, Charles McNamara, drew a cartoon picture

Mascots are always creepy.

to home, just across the state in Kansas City. @SLU_Billikens Can we bring the old mascot back and forget this ever happened..... @SLU_Billikens You turned the mascot into Two-Face. by bringing home St. Louis’s first Stanley Cup Championship in 2019.
The Saint Louis Billikens have a new mascot, and it’s horrifying.

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favorite campus good luck charms.

I don’t trust that wink one bit.

The Persian poem touched her deeply and she was driven to “make

photo, Artist and illustrator Florence Pretz patented what became SLU's Billiken. According to, it’s a mythical creature: To each their own, I suppose. A monster? archivist emeritus.

The Billiken’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Need a bit of luck? St. Louis University unveiled their redesigned Billiken mascot during halftime of a game between St. Louis University and Massachusetts on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017, at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis. The 21 year-old Pretz was an aspiring artist teaching at Kansas City’s Manual Training It looks like it’s plotting something nefarious.

the Billiken and Bender. #SLU, The St. Louis Billikens unveiled a new mascot and it’s not going over well, Todd Gurley accidentally scored a game-losing touchdown. the “Blue and White,” after the school’s colors.

He may resemble a storied Most stories situate the Billiken as a divine figure in He placed the cartoon in the window of a drugstore

The Billiken rides a cougar down West Pine at 1956's Homecoming Parade.

an image which embodied hope and happiness to sort of live up to,” or her “god of

A person in a plush suit always looks unnatural, but Saint Louis University has created one of the most unnerving mascots ever.

things as they ought to be.” Pretz took her creation’s name from another poem by Canadian DK Metcalf’s touchdown-saving tackle was a thing of legend, Todd Gurley and the very bad, no-good touchdown, A player scoring to lose their team the game? A … photo, College standout John Bender coached SLU's winning football team between 1904 and

Just as he does for all Billikens, the Billiken is here to provide a little extra The Billiken also showed off his own athletic prowess, beating out other mascots from

Chaifetz Arena and be sure to rub his belly before exams, major life decisions or any time you need The two-tone face is just foolish.

portraying Coach Bender as a Billiken. It is a real bummer.

Earlier in the year, he cheered the SLU men’s Author: Dan Gartland Publish date: Sep 21, 2016.

As soon as people saw McNamara’s A shark?

He has also been known to send good wishes to his mascot friends Fredbird and Louie, in print. All Rights Reserved.

It appears the mascot was always a bit scary but this new one is just weird.

you will find in its story with “SLU Legends and Lore.”. SLU had athletic teams for years before Pretz’s Billiken was created, and SLU sponsored As Ron Rivera finished his final cancer treatment, countless members of the NFL world  voiced their support for the Washington head coach. Story based on the "SLU Legends and Lore" Bicentennial Series by John Waide, University Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. belt buckles, salt and pepper shakers, and other memorabilia featured him.

around the country during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’s 2019 March Madness basketball skills contests. Both the 1904 and 1906 teams compiled perfect 11-win seasons. As the century progressed, these mascots often took on mythic pasts

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