Because, in quality this movie is quite mediocre and, actually, not at all that bad as some would make it out to be. “Mmmbop,” sing the Hanson brothers, decked out in their late-nineties baggy jeans. Christ Our Hope In Life And Death Matt Papa, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty (Resurrection - Sing! And while many artists opt for song titles that look good etched into a Grammy, others just want to have a good laugh. Bloodsong (a.k.a. So, mediocrity aside, Bloodsong is worth at least one view by all 80s slasher aficionados. This song by Half Man Half Biscuit imagines a world in which they exist. “De do do do, de da da da / that’s all I want to say to you,” sings Sting. Being full of food and totally incompetent at dancing hits a little too close to home for most of us. Another plus is that the plot is embellished by the fact that poor disabled Marion has a father who is an abusive alcoholic who makes her out to be a slut and gives her hell every chance he gets. We’re not sure, but with one cursory Google search, we were able to deduce that the town of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, is not in fact destroyed.

This is one of those funny songs that sure gets the point across. From Gateway Worship and Hillsong Church to The Gettys, there is something for everyone.

Don't get me wrong, though. This song advice is up there in importance with “don’t put metal in the microwave,” and “stop, drop, and roll.”. Now that you’ve had a laugh at these funny song titles, check out our best-ever short jokes. This cannot be undone. We’re counting down the scariest songs of all time. Crass, but effective. A family of tourists vacationing in the woods and a group of camp counselors training in the same forest both find themselves being terrorized by a vicious unhinged psycho. Emojis, of course. 10 of 12 people found this review helpful. Oct 9, 2017 - Songs of every kind that have "rose" in the title.

A wax museum owner uses his horror exhibits to unleash evil on the world. Check out more fascinating facts about the “happy birthday” song. However, this song was written in 1991, before the advent of Google. These hilarious yearbook quotes will definitely crack you up. Now, her twin sister, Rhonda, runs a local gym where, all of a sudden, people are being murdered. It has no lyrics, but a lot of layered instruments and some interesting vocals. We’re not sure if rollerskating in a Buffalo Herd is physically impossible, but as this funny song dictates, you certainly shouldn’t do it. Exploitation Cinema: Mausoleum and Blood Song (DVD Review), Horror Movies: The Good, The Bad and The Terrible. Either that or this song title is just trying to warn us about the undead. With Donna Wilkes, Richard Jaeckel, Antoinette Bower, Dane Clark. Five young people venture into the backwoods of Oregon to claim a property, and find themselves being stalked by a hulking, machete-wielding psychopath. And, although it was not a t.v. In My Blood by Shawn Mendes 38. Barnett sings “I wanna go out, but I wanna stay home,” the anthem of combination introvert/extroverts (otherwise known as ambiverts) across the globe. A psychopath escapes from a mental institution and starts a murder spree, which ends in the pursuing of a young handicapped girl, who once got a blood transfusion from him. You might remember this song from the 2006 Yoplait yogurt commercial, but it actually came out in 1960! This funny song title reminds us that sometimes you just can’t win. In a new age, this song sounds slightly sadder than it is funny. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Check out the most popular misunderstood song lyrics. We’ve ranked the best Christmas songs—did your favourite make the cut? IMDb's Top-Rated TV Shows of the Last 20 Years. The killings are semi-graphic but, otherwise, fully slasher film certified. Download these great songs today! ‘Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Part 2 – Draconian Days’ gets a release date & Preview screening! Putting your faith in a lucky pair of pants doesn’t seem like a good idea, but Rosenthal lists other superstitious habits throughout his song like knocking on wood, “thanking your lucky stars,” and not walking under ladders.
This funny song title doesn’t sound comical when heard out loud, but the clever punctuation use (or lack thereof) is enough to make a music fan chuckle. Veggie Tales has a lot of funny songs that even adults enjoy, but this song is performed by an ensemble of animated, yodeling vegetables. Don’t miss these side-splitting history jokes! Eric is badly burned but not dead, and a year later the ... See full summary ». “They came in UFOs shaped just like Cuban cigars / Man oh man, you oughta hear ’em squeal / Now the whole wide world is their exercise wheel.” A list of funny songs would not be complete without a tribute to Weird Al. Your only clue? This FAQ is empty. Frankie stars as Paul Foley, an escaped and homicidal mental patient, who prior to his liberation, supplied blood to a critically injured teenage girl brought to his hospital after a car wreck. A group of teenagers at a party find themselves being stalked by a maniacal killer in a Santa Claus costume. The Beach Boys’ sense of whimsy is stronger than ever in this song that imagines a carnival on an airplane, with lyrics like “Peepin’ and a-hidin’ in and out of the cloud/ the leader lost a hanky wavin’ down at the crowd.”. However, this funny song title belongs to a fairly unironic acoustic song about love and growing up. What’s the statute of limitations on destroying a town? Don’t miss these surprisingly inspirational quotes from comedians. “Plant a flower, plant a rose… In an mmmbop they’re gone/ in an mmmbop they’re not there.” According to the Hansons, an “mmmbop” is a unit of time. On top of all this mediocrity, there are some assets to Bloodsong. Songs … Maybe Billie Joe Armstrong was genuinely asking his listeners for help.
The acting and storyline are pretty good, there's plenty of cheap 80s style and substance, and it's the only film in which you can see former teen heart throb Frankie Avalon play a hatchet wielding psycho.Yes, you heard right.

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