Saint Eligius or Loye (French: loi) (c. 588 - December 1, 660) is the patron saint of goldsmiths and other metalworkers. But, Christians to the end, both Eligius and Audoenus decided to be real bishops rather than pensioners. In the time of their visitation they shall shine, and shall dark about as sparks through stubble.”—Wisdom 3:6-7a. Eligius ransomed many slaves, some of whom remained in his service for the rest of his life. Born in the year 590 in Limoges, France, Saint Eligius is considered the patron saint of metalworkers. She prepared to carry the body to her monastery at Chelles, and others wished to take it to Paris, but the people of Noyons strongly opposed the removal, and so his body lies in Noyon cathedral. Item can be engraved with message, names, dates or monogram. Ouen or Audenus, future bishop of Rouen) were his best friends. And, so, Eligius discharged that office with vigor for 19 fruitful years.
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Eucherius was a goldsmith and metalworker who lived near Limoges, and when his son showed similar talent, he apprenticed Eligius to Abbo, the master of the mint at Limoges. He lived from 588 to 660 in the area that is now France and Belgium. © Copyright Aleteia SAS all rights reserved.

if you would like it for a charm bracelet, request a split ring instead of a bail in the "special instructions". As bishop he also actively promoted the cultus of local saints; the beautiful reliquaries of Saint Martin of Tours, Saint Dionysius at Saint- Denis, Saint Germanus of Paris, Saint Geneviève, and others are attributed to his workmanship, in addition to the Great Cross of Saint Denis, and at least some of which still exist. The Best Catholic

Send us your request and someone will get back to you. Access our archives of daily saint biographies here, Former spiritual director of the 6 Medjugorje visionaries …, St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s trick for patiently dealing with …, This prayer to St. Anthony is known as the “Miracle …, 10 Powerful quotes from Pope John Paul II to fill you with hope, 8 Remarkable saintly teens to inspire your family. His patronage of horses and the people who work with them stems first from his patronage of smiths and craftmen, but also from his having left a horse to a priest at his death. May the prayer of the blessed Martyrs Crispin and Crispinian, being pleasing to you, O Lord, commend us, we pray, and confirm us in the profession of your truth. Copyright © 2015-2020 The Best Catholic. Dagobert also gave Eligius a house in Paris, and the saint used his considerable resources to convert it into a convent for women under the supervision of Saint Aurea.

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He is the patron of metalworkers and his feast day is December 1. December 1, 2016 It was said that you could easily find his house by the number of poor people there that he was caring for.

Just Color : Discover all our printable Coloring Pages for … The bishop gave back the useless horse, and the animal promptly recovered, a cure attributed to Saint Eligius. We are all pilgrims of the earth, striving towards salvation. In 632 the monastery was filled with monks who followed a combination of the rules of Saint Columba and Saint Benedict.

(Dagobert I died in January 639.). Here is a beautiful stained glass window representing him, turned into a coloring page.. From the gallery : Stained Glass. While the ancient account of their martyrdom was once dismissed as mere legend, recent scientific research supports the stories surrounding their death and their relics were authenticated in 2008. There is also a legend of Eligius removing a horse‘s leg in order to easy shoe it, then putting the leg back in place. He has become the traditional patron of all smiths, metal workers, and craftsmen. St. Eligius of Noyon is the patron saint of horses and people involved with horses, such as jockeys and veterinarians. Your submission has been received! Congratulate me instead. In Christianity, baptism is the sacramental act of cleansing in water that admits one as a full member of the Church. He is also the patron saint of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), a corps of the British Army, but he is best known for being the patron saint of horses and those who work with them. In 641 Dagobert’s successor, Clovis II, chose him to be bishop of Noyon and Tournai, at the same time his friend Saint Audoenus was named bishop of Rouen. All Sterling Silver is protected with a tarnish resistance to help it last for years without tarnishing. Eligius died on December 1, around 660, at Noyon.

Eligius had the gift of clairvoyance, which later became a gift of prophecy. I have waited a long time for this release.’ He commended his people to God and died a few hours later.
In the case of St. Eligius, he was so well-liked that he attracted many to Christ. While the ancient account of their martyrdom was once dismissed as mere legend. Staten Island, NY 10306, All Religious Medals are Customizable. His craftsmanship was remarked upon and he was commissioned to make a throne of gold incrusted with precious stones for King Clotaire. Saint profiles prepared by Brother Silas Henderson, S.D.S. He also wrote the rule for the sisters. They were martyred around the year 285. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy in our Legal Mentions page. His craftsmanship was remarked upon and he was commissioned to make a throne of gold incrusted with precious stones for King Clotaire. Bishop of Noyon, France and Tournai, Belgium in 641. Saint Eligius was a true example of using one’s skill, talent and wealth in being God’s holy servant. With concentrated enthusiasm he spread the Gospel through his vast diocese and into Flanders among the heathen Frisians. He was instrumental in building various churches and convents, helping the needy, and rescuing slaves. Through the years, horse-drawn cabs were replaced by motorized ones, and stables were supplanted by garages and gas stations, but the patronage of the people who do those jobs and work in those places has remained. Amen. Apprenticed to the master of the mint at Limoges, France. Most Christians, such as Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutherans, are baptized as infants. Eligius was widely respected during his own time and became one of the most beloved saints of the Middle Ages – one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (Attwater, Benedictines, Bentley, Delaney, Encyclopedia, White). Once a stranger asked the way to his home in Paris and was told to go to a certain street where he would recognize the house by the great concourse of poor persons outside. The saint was pious, influential, and sought after as a counsellor. During this period, bishoprics were often given as benefices to retiring ministers of state. This prayer to St. Anthony is known as the “Miracle Prayer”, Tomb of Carlo Acutis opened for veneration before beatification, Prayer for St. Michael’s protection against any illness. His wealth was devoted to the poor. + For centuries Crispin and … + For centuries Crispin and Crispinian have been celebrated as the patrons of shoemakers and, by extension, of all who work with leather. Please specify if you have any special requests in this box. Falling ill with a fever, on the sixth day he called together his household.

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