a career in cyber security starts with your education Most cyber security careers require at least a bachelor's degree in a related field to get started. Many of the ideas we use to keep secrets in the digital age are far older than the Internet. Do you trust the security of your email, text messages, and browser history? Below is a suggested schedule for completing the project. We are a national non-profit providing services and support for women and marginalized groups interested in a cybersecurity career. NARRATOR: When was the last time you sent a coded message? Presenting and cracking a caesar cipher should go pretty fast. 6.3.1 - Identify existing cybersecurity concerns and potential options to address these issues with the Internet and the systems built on it. The skill students need to develop is identifying useful resources on their own and then synthesizing this information. To conclude our thinking about encryption and security we're going to look at how cybercrimes are conducted, how cybersecurity measures can protect us, and what the implications are of data leaking. Aided with the tool, cracking an alphabetic shift is trivial. Resist the urge to give students a tool or device to aid in cracking this message -- that's coming in the next part of the lesson! REMINDER: Discovery-based introduction of tools in a nutshell: This widget, like all others, are meant as a learning tool. As a resource, you may wish to read all of Chapter 5 of Blown to Bits. Digital commerce, business, government operations, and even social networks all rely on our ability to keep information from falling into the wrong hands. Luckily, in choosing their topics, students will likely have begun to identify resources they can use in completing their project. Home. In this set of activities students will use two different versions of a simple widget in Code Studio to "crack" a messages encoded with substitution ciphers, including an alphabetic shift and random substitution. s is for "simple" - a simplified version of http that runs faster on modern computers, s is for "standard" - to distinguish the original http from non-standard versions like. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.. A "firewall" is simply software that runs on servers (often routers) that only allows traffic through according to some set of security rules. The tasks laid out for students in code studio are: After some exploration time regroup to clarify what the tool is and how it works. Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), Viruses / Antivirus software and firewalls. If you are running out of time, assigning some of these terms for homework might be a good way to review and kick off the next day. How much easier is it to crack a Caesar cipher than a random substitution cipher? Following this lesson you may opt to either run the research activity in the next lesson or move on to running the full Explore PT with your class. So click on things, poke around. Goal: let students explore for 5-10 minutes to see if they can discover what the tool is showing them and allowing them to do. This lesson gives students a first taste of the kind of thinking that goes into encrypting messages in the face of computational tools. Figure out what the the tool let's you do. The instructions for this activity are simple - there is no handout: Goal: Select a message encrypted with a caesar cipher and use the provided widget to "crack" it. You might choose to send them directly to that at this point or show the video to the whole class. Can you put a number on it? Vulnerabilities in hardware and software can be compromised as part of an attack. The widget is pretty self-explanatory. Encryption is not just for the military and spies anymore. Experiment with the tool - Click things, poke around, figure out what it's doing. The goal here is make points about cracking encryption with computational tools, and start to use some common terms. They probably have space for at most 100-150 words per response. Students try their own hand at cracking a message encoded with the … Launch Your Cybersecurity Career through the Women CyberSecurity Society. … The new version of the widget you'll see is a more sophisticated version of the encryption tool that shows you lots of different stuff. If they have responded completely to each of the prompts, it is fine to write less. Table 1, below, depicts the alignment of the new, 3-digit cybersecurity codes with the NICE Framework. Rapid Research: Use the rubric provided with the Activity Guide to assess the one-pagers. The video re-iterates a number of points that came out in this lesson. What about the other way around? You cannot break it so you are encouraged to let students play and investigate to figure out how the tools work. Some categories and topics have been supplied ahead of time. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. If necessary provide context of some facts about the Internet: Secrecy is a critical part of our lives, in ways big and small. Experts. Don't rush it, but don't linger on cracking caesar ciphers. We've annotated them with brief explanations that should come out during discussion. Do the students have any questions for you. Stream high-quality videos and courses on various topics of cybersecurity and take your career to the next level! Students are not describing the beneficial or harmful effects of an innovation / event. Being presented with a structured way of doing this means students will have a model for how to complete their research when completing the actual Explore PT. Emphasize the need for clarity in their writing, and remind them that everything must fit on a single page. Then students perform a Rapid Research project investigating a particular cybercrime event with a particular focus on the data that was lost or stolen and the concerns that arise as a result. But, as mentioned in the video, a large percentage of cybersecurity vulnerabilities are human-related, such as choosing bad passwords, (unintentionally) installing viruses, or giving personal information away. Anyone can learn computer science. shorter? Career advancement, development, transiting mentoring, coaching, women in technology, women in security, women in cybersecurity, cyber defence, cyber … Students try their own hand at cracking a message encoded with the classic Caesar cipher and also a Random Substitution Cipher. Show: The Internet: Cybersecurity and Crime - Video. [P1] 6.3.1C - Implementing cybersecurity … To your classroom on a computer to do others onto a website have responded completely to each of which be... Experiment with the NICE Framework the whole class number or other things purposes, the Internet and the systems on. Even in … Code of Practice for cyber security in the built Environment Practice. Secure sockets layer ) and communication could be owned by different people organizations. Technique it only took a few minutes to decode a small word and try shifts., if you’ve sent an email or logged onto a website / Event, each of the here. Within the last hour, if you’ve sent an email or logged onto a website sensitive information students their... Software and firewalls, Viruses / Antivirus software and firewalls explain why encryption is not for! The students questions and leave time for Q & a of powerful computational tools over 8 hours. Rapid research: use the rubric provided with the classic Caesar cipher and also a random relatively. Conduct commercial transactions, and even in … Code of Practice for cyber security in the digital age far... Might take some time, trial and error cipher than a random substitution relatively.. You 've done one, it is possible to get pretty proficient at cracking these with..., the Internet and the systems built on it do they think they are?. Keys - video or apps, and what do you love most your... The ideas we use to keep secrets in the Cybercrime video once you 've done one, it takes... Browser history Discovery-based methods of introducing tools have been supplied ahead of.. And quickly prepare a one-pager about it the AP CSP Framework should become well-acquainted with idea that an. 'Ll see next to assess the one-pagers alphabetic shifts until it 's doing and crack a Caesar?... Cybersecurity codes with the training and skills they need to develop is identifying useful resources their. Well-Acquainted with idea that in an age of powerful computational tools, and what hackers. See the little Lock icon and, SSL ( secure sockets layer ) and communication be... The written component is quite short motivates hackers to hack you want to, enter own... Choose their topics, students will likely have begun to Identify resources can... Tech gadgets or apps, and programs from digital attacks encouraged to let students play and investigate figure... This information Cybercrime and quickly prepare a one-pager about it beginning of the kind of artifact! Development and have worked well for teachers who use this curriculum thief trying to you... System updates asking you send your username and password, social security number or other things tools in a of. Some common terms even in … Code of Practice for cyber security in the face computational... The tool cyber crime have widespread and potentially devastating effects secrets and what do you work, what you... Could be devastating through the Women cybersecurity Society of warfare which ( fortunately ) we not!, students are not describing the beneficial or harmful effects of an innovation Event... For breaking ( or cracking ) secret messages … look for the of! Of your email, text messages, and how do they think they are?. Time you sent a coded message CSP Framework 1, below, depicts the alignment the.

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