When Prince Arctic ran away with Foeslayer, they had two hybrid dragonets named Darkstalker and Whiteout. MudWings are usually shades of brown, giving them the ability to blend in with mud puddles, and they sometimes have gold or amber underscales. The war ended by a SandWing female named Thorn obtaining the enchanted Eye of Onyx and becoming queen of the SandWings, a position granted to her by her daughter Sunny. This effectively split the BeetleWings into two tribes. After using herself as bait, Glory soon realizes that the RainWings have been taken by the NightWings. The NightWings kill all of the IceWings and take Starflight with them against his will. Most of This book takes place in Jewel hive.

They can breathe fire and are also noted to be skilled fighters. In the arena, Tsunami is pitted against Gill, a SeaWing who was driven insane due to extreme dehydration. The Winglets and various prologues are set during different years before 5011 A.S. After spending a night in the palace, Tsunami is taken attend a meeting with the queen and her small council. They can breathe a deadly freezing breath known as "frostbreath" that can freeze their enemies in an instant, although if an IceWing is too warm, they can't use it.

Once they emerge, they have four beautiful wings shaped like those of a butterfly, and they have gained their silk. Glory also put a truce in place with the IceWings in order to protect the NightWings. She also ironically happens to (whilst not realizing it) be under the control of the Breath of Evil or the "Othermind". Book 2: The Lost Heir.

The IceWings used to have animus dragons, but none have been born for the last 2,000 years since their last animus dragon, Prince Arctic, ran away to be with the NightWing Foeslayer. [9], An animated television series is in development with ARRAY and Warner Bros. She finds a SeaWing, and decides to follow him. They then travel to the old Night Kingdom: the lost city of night, Where Turtle must face his fears. [7], Point of View: Clay, Hvitur (prologue only). However, Starflight disappears again with the NightWings, with Clay thinking that he might've gone to warn them.     = Unknown gender

In the main series, one NightWing was finally hatched under the moons, Moonwatcher, who has both mind-reading and prophetic powers. They arrive to the Summer Palace and Tsunami meets her mother, Queen Coral, and her little sister Anemone. You can help the wiki by adding or expanding the following sections: Wasp is a female HiveWing and the current queen of her tribe and the SilkWings. He is a kind and gentle dragon who constantly tries to imagine himself as other dragons.

After Queen Ruby came into power, the SkyWings became considerably happier and less attracted to fighting, implying that they are very adaptable and capable of change. As they approach Scarlet's hatching day feast, the three dragonets are betrayed by Peril. It turns out that the Skywings found the Summer Palace and it is also revealed that Crocodile, the Mudwing that was held prisoner, was a spy for Burn's army. SilkWings are described to be "as beautiful and gentle as butterflies", with scales that come in every color except black. They live in the Sky Kingdom, high up in the mountains. • The SkyWings fought for Burn in the war of SandWing succession. (queen) Wasp WoF (queen in parenthesis cuz she don't deserve it) Post. IceWings are also covered in icicle-like spikes. Their claws are serrated which allows them to grip onto the ice, and their tails have a whip-thin end. Blister scratched Web's tail with her barb, but they escape the chaos.

(Examples: Red/Black = Anger, Orange = Confusion, Pale Green = Fear, Dark Green = Disinterest, White = Pain, Blue Grey = Depression, Blue = Sadness, Pink = Happiness, Purple = Delight, Yellow = Excitement, and Dark Violet = Pride) The RainWings did not fight in the War of SandWing Succession.

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