EnvyPet offers a complete system from the ground up that provides a sanitary and odor free environment creating a true pet oasis. You can order pre-cut or custom-cut sizes to fit your yard. To find out more about our use of cookies, our partners or how to withdraw your consent see our Privacy Policy. Sport/Pet 60 is the perfect solution for sports areas and pet areas. If dogs use it, K9Grass is the solution. Riviera Monterey 50 oz artificial grass, natural landscape background. You and your pet deserve nothing but the best synthetic grass landscape for pets! I recently installed this pet turf in my backyard and the dogs love it. Most turf available on the market has perforated backings, which means pet urine has to make its way to drainage holes before passing through the turf. SO REAL, THEY WON’T NOTICE. My customers love how easy it is to clean and maintain their pet turf.

Backed by our 15-year warranty, Pet Turf is sure to last you and your furry friends for years to come! This artificial turf for dogs is designed to resist expansion or contraction due to environmental conditions. I also have pet mice and I will try to put some artificial grass in their habitat and see if they will shred it to dust in a matter of hours! In case you are wondering whether or not ProGreen artificial turf can really stand up to your big dogs, it might ease your mind to know that our K9 Deluxe 60 has been installed in military canine training facilities across the country, as well as countless dog boarding facilities, including Wet Noses Dry Paws in Tacoma, WA and The Doggie Chalet in NJ.
Request an estimate and design consultation today by filling out our short form Since this price guide is for 1,000 square feet, one roll is more than enough. The state-of-the-art artificial grass offers realism, drainage, performance, safety, and durability. We love our new perfect yard. I am living in a condo and it has just a little soil filled with rocks and there is no grass. For this guide, we will use $370, so it will cost us $370 to deliver 1,150 square feet of synthetic grass. If you are looking to get your installation done right the first time and never have to think about it again, then you will want to pay the extra money to get a solid installation crew to install your project. S Blade provides system stability and resilience that makes it perfect for front and back yards, playgrounds, pet areas, and athletic fields. EnvyPet offers a complete system from the ground up that provides a sanitary and odor free environment creating a true pet oasis. Low maintenance and easy to use.
We had four little dogs it was an extraordinary method to potty train them and let them used to be on grass but you have to clean it often! Backed by our 15-year warranty, Pet Turf is sure to last you and your furry friends for years to come! Now, even though everyone walks across my artificial grass before entering the house, the dirt inside is significantly less. I am so happy while watching him! Beyond daily walks and occasional visits to the dog park, playing and running in a yard is the best everyday activity. Listed below are some of the overhead costs for a legitimate synthetic grass company: The overhead costs are not limited to what is described above and it is too difficult to attach an “overhead number” to each installation; however, the point is to showcase that there are quite a few costs that do add up when analyzing the anatomy of a synthetic turf deal, aside from the material and labor costs. Beware of any price below that since there will be shortcuts taken. Lush green grass that will last for at least twenty years! High Pet use, Small condensed areas, kennels, commercial facilities, Dog Parks. Before I had other turf assortments and was very unhappy with them, however since I have found this PetTurf, I use nothing else! The following are the items to expect for any project: There are many different styles of synthetic lawn to choose from. Our pet turf features low pile heights and an innovative backing that makes waste cleanup easy. With a flow-through backing like ProFlow, the urine does not need to find these holes to drain; it just drains right through. Would you like to set up your public info now? Will rate this item 5 stars! This is installed as a base surface to provide stability for the artificial grass above. We appreciate running and playing at it!

There are cheaper alternatives; however, we have found this board to stand the test of time (saving you money in the long run). It’s clean, safe, and has an 8-year warranty. Pet Turf is durable and keeps the outdoor spaces clean and perfectly dry no matter rain, snow, or humidity.

The company offers an extensive selection of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas.

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