Hit perhaps the biggest October home run, made perhaps the biggest October catch, became perhaps the best October meme -- pretty good developments in what most fans had seen as a failure of a season. August 11, What to expect from the first round of the 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs by Tyler Esguerra on Dot Esports. Barnes is just now emerging as Clayton Kershaw's catcher -- side note: Kershaw has been around long enough that Brad Ausmus caught him nine times -- and if it's too much to credit him specifically with Kershaw's great bounce-back season, it also makes the Dodgers look wise for keeping such a steady backup catcher around. This year, he went after righties, throwing a career-high 60% of his pitches to them in the zone (up from 48%) and getting a career-high 70% strikes against them (up from 63%), the result being his best season since his rookie campaign in 2012. And on that note, where is Blaber? Oh my God, Zven did you just Arcane Shift into the Ashe arrow?? ", Death, taxes, and TSM vs. Cloud9: The next chapter in their perpetual rivalry, C9 Licorice: "After the games against FLY we realized we maybe weren't that good at playing slowly...", Liquid Tactical on attending Worlds: "Ruler was CoreJJ's previous duo. To be real, though, I actually feel bad for Zven. I really hope that Zven’s career doesn’t end here because he’s a far better player than these last few months have shown and he deserves–wait where did he go? If you're mostly unattached to any rooting interest in this postseason, maybe adopt Jansen as one of your favorites: Only four pitchers in history have saved more games for one team than Jansen has with the Dodgers, and three of them -- Troy Percival, Dennis Eckersley and Mariano Rivera -- got to get the final out in a World Series victory. Golden State Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals. Want to guess which pitch teams have thrown him only once this postseason? There are a lot of good hitters who mostly whiff or homer, and it can feel weird to hear people complain about it; when it works, it works, and why should a hitter do anything other than what works?

Despite just average speed, he's one of the league's most opportunistic baserunners.

LCS Summer Playoffs: Criticism of TSM and Cloud9 Drafts is Wrong by Carter 'Oddoman' Hughes.

2020 MLB Playoffs • Passan: Game 4 ... baseball's best reliever since the Rays acquired him in the summer of 2019. We finally got that elusive LCS title, I was so thrilled after our showing in spring. But Zunino led the league with five passed balls this year, has a troubling five more in just 105 postseason innings, and for his career has allowed passed balls or wild pitches about 50% more often than Perez, so if things get fidgety, there could still be a path to playing time for Perez this week. ", Damonte: “I just hope everyone hops on the Golden Guardians hype train”, TSM Treatz: “Our outlook became a lot more competitive [after the loss to GG]—it was like a wake up call for us”, Doublelift: Double elimination potentially saved my career - talks big loss to Golden Guardians, DIG Fenix: "I don't think TSM played well, we just played really badly. MVP? We all struggle sometimes with the question of what winning a baseball game or series actually accomplishes, what it's for, why we care, why they care, and I've come to believe a win's value is largely in providing grace to the teammates who failed. And then we get to the mid lane. Every team used to have a reliever like this in the pen, somebody to bring in to get the double play in the seventh, but nowadays even the "keeps the ball down" guy is prone to allowing too many home runs, as Thompson did. It's hard to radically reorient one's career trajectory on the basis of a 60-game season, or a one-month postseason, but Seager's powering up this year -- the proverbial doubles having turned into the proverbial homers -- takes him out of last winter's trade rumors and puts him on the edge of a Hall of Fame track. (2:36), From Mookie Betts to the benchwarmers: Ranking every player in this World Series, Dodgers fans have taken over 'neutral' site with L.A. one win from a World Series title, Kershaw lifts L.A. to edge of WS title, feels 'good', Attempted steal of home '100%' Margot's decision, Dodgers' Gonsolin to start Game 6 vs. Rays' Snell, 2 pitching coaches to split job for Rangers in '21, Arozarena breaks Sandoval's playoff hits record, Kershaw sets record for postseason strikeouts, Passan: Clayton Kershaw repairs his playoff legacy with Game 5 win, How valuable is Mookie Betts? Well, I guess that’s why you keep sticking Vulcan on champions like TK, Braum, and Yuumi. Looks like Doublelift was right: Spring Split didn’t matter but congratulations on that fancy new banner. Every position player on a Rays postseason roster this fall has started at least one game--except Phillips, and don't expect that to change.

The ground-balliest ground ball hitter in the age of fly balls, Diaz is 3-for-24 with nine walks this postseason, and he still hasn't hit a fly ball.

Because if so, well done you have officially out-imploded TL.

After winning the Spring Split championship with perhaps the most dominant performance ever and continuing to look like an unstoppable force in the first half of the Summer Split, they proceeded to fumble the back half of the split and the playoffs like Kevin Malone carrying a pot of chili. In 2019, only 23 batters hit a baseball harder than Meadows' max exit velocity; in 2020, six different Austins -- Romine, Dean, Riley, Nola, Slater, Hedges -- did so. Is your inferiority complex to Team Liquid so massive that you saw their drop-off in spring being called “the greatest collapse of a team in NA history”, couldn’t bear to have TL be the main story of NA, and went “hold my beer”?

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This Casey Stengel quote about Tommy Henrich captures Betts in an understated way: "He's a fine judge of a fly ball, he fields grounders like an infielder, he never makes a wrong throw, and if he comes back to the hotel at 3 in the morning when we're on the road and says he's been sitting up with a sick friend, he's been sitting up with a sick friend.".

Hakuho is currently howling with laughter. For the first time, I started to notice that Cloud9 fans were getting a bit too big for their britches. In this year, he made his major league debut in the ninth inning of a postseason game (albeit a blowout) against the Yankees, and he has since appeared twice more to fire 100 mph gas from the left side in (relatively) low leverage. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on League of Legends and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Playoff bracket, schedule and more ». ", GoldenGlue reacts to Sneaky and Meteos's question for him about predator, DIG Head Coach Thinkcard discusses their game against TSM in playoffs and the troubles of DIG throughout the season, Damonte on Golden Guardians big victory over TSM, their Team Liquid chances, and more, Cloud9 look to continue their win streak against FlyQuest in 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs, C9 Zven: "Team Liquid and TSM improved from spring, but I don't think they're actually that good.

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