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Or is there something going on between activ8/upd8 (the channel's management company) and Ai-chan's original voice actress? Ask. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Ai-chan clicks the wrong button to continue playing. the sprinklers turn on as she walks through the doorway. "But even so... You don't have Ward. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ", Botanic Panic, the first level Ai-chan plays (a three-stage boss battle), takes her a whopping, In the second half of her gameplay video, Ai-chan manages to score a victory using the Swordcraft class. Ai-chan worries that she might get banned from, What scared Ai-chan the most in the Baker guesthouse, other than, On the first night, Ai-chan talks to Phone Guy. made to look like a Japanese dating sim, which was supposedly originally Japanese to begin with. See more ideas about Anime, Anime girl, Adorable. Ai-chan holds an audition to get a new assistant, only to end up getting trolled heavily by the staff team who puts things like a kuidaore taro wind-up toy, a raccoon doll, and two Furby toys as her assistant candidates. IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE WAS AROUND, SO WHY!? (She thought Prinz Eugen had the invincibility skill when it was Eldridge the blonde ship that has it, but it starts on its 20-second cooldown so she was just being foolish rushing it without waiting that out. Is Kizuna Ai following the "Vtuber group" trend of nijisanji, Game Club Project and hololive? See more 'He Protec but He Also Attac' images on Know Your Meme! It was okay at first, the art was messy but thats not a reason to make fun of someone, but then theres. "So today I'm going to start a new Olympics tradition here! Quotes; TearJerker; Trivia; WebAnimation; YMMV; Create New . (@gsc_kahotan) Today I’m going to be taking a look at… Nendoroid Kizuna AI!★ Kizuna AI, the world’s first virtual YouTuber and a self-proclaimed super intelligent AI is joining the Nendoroids! The two lookalikes were initially called "clones" or "Kizuna Clones" until the channel had a, As her format is similar to other real-life, Going in the other direction, the success of large VTuber groups like. that became a. Ai-chan looks back at the 2018 World Cup. Are you kidding me!? Or needs a convenient excuse to take a day off work. See more ideas about Anime, Anime girl, Anime memes. Kahotan here!

Hangar Capacity +1 / All Torpedo Bombers +1 / Dive Bomber Efficiency +10%. Negative Kizuna and Mom Kizuna getting into a heated argument that Opportunist Kizuna tries (and fails) to diffuse. Ai sounded like Luna and vice-versa in their respective April Fool's videos, and. This page was last modified on 16 May 2020, at 02:14.

CAR! Near the end of Part 4, the moment everyone was waiting for: In Part 7, Ai-chan starts making random zombie noises when she encounters them. In the. — Kizuna Ai, in situations that aren't bakana (impossible) but banana (bananas/crazy) Ai-chan doesn't think very highly of the protagonist from the start. Audio. Some YouTube commenters sarcastically interpreted this as a, As someone who just jumped into the game because Hideo Kojima's name is associated with it, she's understandably confused about the plot. Part 2, and she continues to give no fucks about the protagonist. 18%: Decreases all enemies' Firepower, Torpedo, and Aviation by 4%. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

Either way, it's probably not a good thing for anyone. discussions about Ai-chan's identity or VA, Nozomi Kasuga is the original voice actress, English speakers eventually started to notice Kizuna Ai thanks to the various.

30s, 45s, and 60s after the start of the battle: launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike (damage is based on skill level). Ai-pii's English patch needs a bit more work.

The addition of Kizuna Ai's "clones" also brought in new voice actresses to play the role, and from late July 2019 onwards, become more prominent in the channels, although the original voice actress for Kizuna remains in the music videos. At the end of the video, Phone Guy returns once again, and Ai-chan, The third time Phone Guy calls, Ai-chan just, Literally two minutes after gaining control of Sam, Ai-chan gets him killed by falling off a cliff. Ai-chan's legendary "Fuck"s return in this playthrough. Quote. virtual, Hello everyone!! Baby Kizuna revealing that she recorded the entire meeting, giving the Kizunas the idea for the video. Her official Nendoroid figure has her "Install face" as one of her swappable faces. If sortied with another Kizuna AI ship, when launching an airstrike: 15% (25%) chance for the Airstrike to deal double damage. 35%: Decreases all enemies' Firepower, Torpedo, and Aviation by 6%. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from I can still do it. Here's a quick and easy guide to defeating such a beast, and other dangerous creatures. KR: 키즈나 아이 - 애니버서리) Construction Time 04:30:00: Rarity Super Rare ★★★★★★ Class KizunaAI: ID Collab043 Faction KizunaAI: Classification Aircraft Carrier: Anniversary Kizuna AI. hacking to decrease all enemies' Firepower, Torpedo stat, and Air Power by a large amount (up to 4.0% (8.0%)) for 8 seconds… Also has a small chance to accidentally increase the stats of all enemies instead. Ai-chan's cut-in shrinks with every loss. See more ideas about Anime, Anime girl, Anime memes.

See more ideas about Anime girl, Anime, Anime art. Namely: "WHY? I was looking at kizuna ai memes, when i came across one of those blushing “memes”. Apr 13, 2019 - Explore 『Queen Arthur Fleck』 //Joker's board "Kizuna Ai", followed by 600 people on Pinterest. The latest Tweets from Kizuna AI@09/23「愛と花」 (@aichan_nel)., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Average effect is 2.4% (5.14%).

Enterprise and Jean Bart are sound choices, however.). Some mobile video games collaborate with Kizuna Ai either via sponsored videos, in-game playable cameos, or both in the hopes of having her fans try out said games. She concludes that a bear would suit anyone who likes hospitals. One can see her glee.

Be sure to pay extra attention to the tips regarding bribing the snakes on a medusa's head, and how as an A.I. She does a pretty good impression of Neymar's efforts. In some of her first videos, Ai-chan does nothing in the beginning for an instant, So what do you even call an A.I. Video.

It's to the point that her own pinned comment on Part 1 is (translated) "I hate this protagonist! TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Link. She actually mixed up some of her ships' skills, not that getting them right helped much. Her reaction to Deadman after he first introduces himself: Ai-chan tries fighting a train.

", "Only run!" See more ideas about Anime girl, Anime, Kawaii anime. The first video could be described as "online players bully a simple Super AI". That's SSS rank at least!". The previous one is hilarious too, with Ai-chan muttering she'll get people fired. 世界中のみんなと、あなたとつながりたい! バーチャルタレントのキズナアイです!ლ(´ڡ`ლ)【YouTube】【アーティスト】【Game】【Instagram】【TikTok】【Facebook】#KizunaAI #きずなーぽすと 12%: Increases all enemies' Firepower, Torpedo, and Aviation by 4%. You never know when you turn a corner of the street, and suddenly there's a. Upon taking damage: 4.5% (12.0%) chance to fire a special torpedo barrage and avoid all enemy attacks for 3 seconds. Her chosen fleet could have been better, like replacing Souh Dakota (tan backline ship; has a skill to take all backline damage on to herself) with perhaps Illustrious as Ai-chan's main issue is her front line being wiped out. 35%: Decreases all enemies' Firepower, Torpedo, and Aviation by 8%. Only during event: Virtual Connection Synchronicity,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, Hangar Capacity +1 / All Dive Bombers +1 / Torpedo Bomber Efficiency +5%. Chances at max skill level: Torpedo Base +1 / Torpedo Preload +1 / Torpedo Efficiency +10%. All Aircraft +1 / Aircraft Efficiency +5%. "Techi-techi bird brought over a friend, Mirrat, however, Mirrat, And Techi-techi bird pulls the granddaughter, and, ""Liking the Same Person with Your Best Friend" Why are you getting depressed from thinking that kind of thing? — Kizuna Ai, almost every time another promotional misadventure begins SONNA BANANA!

Just because Ai-chan can beat CPU Level 1, just before she delivers the winning blow, "Please enjoy the following unedited footage of a Super AI in panic-mode.

Follow. On the second night, when she drains all of her power: And when she drains all of her power on the fifth night, she outright breaks into. Every 20 seconds: performs super A.I.

"B minus?

I'm playing a stage where you just -. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". reviews the figure of herself made by Tokyo Otaku Mode. . This page was last modified on 17 July 2020, at 11:40. Kizuna ai was launched in 2018. but the onceler fandom poppped up after the movie came out (2012). Her defeat by the boss is so bad, she wonders if. Unfollow. The VTuber community calls Kizuna Ai "Oyabun"/親分 ("Big Boss"), which is coined by Kaguya Luna after Kizuna Ai had the most subscribers among VTubers at the end of 2017, which is also a huge gap with the other fellow "Four Heavenly Kings" Kaguya Luna, Mirai Akari and Nojaloli. KR: 키즈나 아이) Construction Time Cannot Be Constructed: Rarity Elite ★★★★★ Class KizunaAI: ID Collab041 Faction KizunaAI: Classification Destroyer: Kizuna AI. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Jul 3, 2017 - A board didicated to the wonderful and adorable Kizuna Ai. The subtitles keep a running count of how many questions she asks about it; by the end of Part 1, she's already asked. Some mobile video games collaborate with Kizuna Ai either via sponsored videos. Grid View List View. Quotes; TearJerker; Trivia; WebAnimation; YMMV ; Create New . Epileptic Trees: The sudden appearance of the Ai "clones" on mid-2019 spawned theories and questions. Feb 1, 2020 - Explore Paragade13's board "Kizuna AI" on Pinterest. Emphasis on "tries" -. Once the effect ends: increases own Evasion by 20% (40%) for 3 seconds. HAI DOMO VIRTUAL YOUTUBER KIZUNA AI DESU cactuskhee . [...]. Oct 1, 2018 - Explore Š2 ღ4UOnlyღ Š2's board "Kizuna AI" on Pinterest. excuse me? Ai-chan gets the quintessential "Mario Kart" experience. What's really funny are the YouTube comments - a good number of them are pretty much variations of ". She comes with four face plates including a smiling expression, a shouting expression, a proud expression with a bit of a mischievous…. A super smart A.I. Colbert Bump: English speakers eventually started to notice Kizuna Ai thanks to the various collaborations that she had with The Anime Man. Video #19, where Ai-chan turns negative situations and feelings into positives.

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