Jolly Roger was an undead skeleton, with a skull for a face, fixed in a permanent grin. There are two stops one for swimming and one to snorkel at. The search ended in the Battle of Raven's Cove, with both sides looting their share of the weapons and slaughtering the inhabitants of Raven's Cove. It is unknown whether he had lost his hand prior to being cursed or not.

Not much is known about Jolly Roger's pirate career, except that he at one point lost his left leg, which he replaced with a peg leg, and his right hand.

Take revenge on Jack Sparrow (failed). Tätigkeit This is possibly a reference to the, Jolly Roger was the name of a pirate character which, Jolly Roger is also the name of a traditional, An undead pirate captain Roger LaForge, also called Jolly Roger, is the main villain in. He had long, black hair made into long dreadlocks which were known to be filled with poisonous snakes, and was often seen with a large, feathered bicorne, out of which protruded two playing cards, which were said to have been the cards he lost the fateful poker game with. Now transformed into the undead, he needed to feed on human souls for eternity. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness | The Royal Navy was unable to stop him and Governor Swann offered a 1,000 doubloon reward to anyone who could bring down the undead pirate lord and his officers and crew, though this did not help.

2 (known)Several (through his crew)


Since he had no right hand to hold an actual sword, he wore a sword on his right side rather than his left, so he could draw it out across his body with his left hand. Er führt eine Armee untoter Piraten an. Jolly Roger is the main antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a MMORPG video game based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, which is based itself on the Disney theme park attraction of the same name. As a response, Sparrow sent an unnamed pirate (probably the same he'd freed from Rambleshack some time prior) to the newly-rediscovered island of Raven's Cove to retrieve the famed blade of El Patron's, to vanquish Jolly once and for all. Whatever happened beneath the weight of his cruel ambition, Jolly Roger would crush anyone in his path to become absolute ruler of the Caribbean by any means. It is shown that Jolly Roger drew his sword and slashed with his left hand. However Beckett wanted the weapons himself and broke the alliance, then sent ships to the Raven's Cove to get them. He started a search that lasted for years, but without success.

evil cursed undead pirate that players of Pirates of the Caribbean Online will love to hate

Jolly had to cheat to win so he conspired with Witch Doctor Amo Dorsi to deal the cards.

Big Boy | He can't do this to animals, but he can use his curse to corrupt them and force them to serve him. It is not truly known how the curse was lifted, but the rumors had it that Jack Sparrow had something to do with foiling Jolly Roger's plot. Jolly's face now had gaping sockets for eyes, a pistol sprouting from his arm and a gnarled, fleshless hoof for a leg.

With his dying breath, the Witch Doctor cursed Jolly Roger to walk the earth as the undead, transforming him into a skeletal beast. To get back at Sparrow, Jolly Roger plotted with a voodoo witch doctor named Amo Dorsi to draw him into a poker game, where Roger would be able to steal his Piece of Eight, thus making him the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. Shops: Doubloon Market • Jolly Gypsy • Pirates League • Pirate Treasure Jolly Roger's Synopsis on the Villains Wiki, Judge Claude Frollo |

Additional post-release content developed by Schell Games. Born as a normal human being to his family, Jolly's pure greed and hunger for power caused him to push away all that he loved, and take up piracy, where he became a majorly cruel pirate to sail the seas in his time.
Andrei Strasser | What's worse is that, Jolly's vile power grew so strong that it even brought a horde of cursed alligators, bats, wasps, crabs, scorpions, and deadly stalking tree stumps under his evil vile control! Pure Evil Name

Jolly Roger possesses great voodoo powers, which he primarily uses to raise the dead or turn the living into the undead as his minions. However, these losses didn't prevent him from becoming a pirate captain, commanding the mighty frigate, the Harkaway. Jolly won hand after hand. [6], Pirates of the Caribbean Online received "mixed or average" reviews, holding an aggregated score of 60/100, based on seven critic reviews, on Metacritic.[7]. However, Roger's war was far from over. Jolly and Jack Sparrow had been friends, long ago, and he was always envious of Jack's uncanny luck.

Captain Jolly RogerJolly Sparrow achieved escape once again; Beck, however, was captured shortly after by Roger off the island of Rambleshack. Since his cursing, Jolly Roger appeared to be an undead skeleton, with a skull for a face, fixed in a permenant grin.

Though he isn't able to make animals undead, he is able to taint them with his curse and force them to work for him.

Jolly Roger began terrorizing the Caribbean, assaulting ships and ports.

He an extremely deadly, evil cursed undead pirate that players will love to hate. Bill Cipher | During one such attack, Jolly Roger found out that Jack Sparrow was in the area and not wanting him to escape, he paid a captain named Bo Beck to trick Sparrow into accepting a ride on his ship, where Jolly Roger could capture him. However his invasion of Padres Del Fuego had a dual purpose, Jolly Roger wanted to find the mythical lost weapons of El Patron, which Spanish Conquistadores had left in the Caribbean centuries before. As Jack's reputation grew, so did Jolly's resentment. Jolly Roger ist der Geist des gleichnamigen Piratenkapitäns und der Antagonist im Computerspiel Pirates of the Carribean Online. Princess Mombi |

Percival C. McLeach | The game was first announced by The Walt Disney Company in April 2005,[3] and was originally meant to coincide with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 2006,[3] but its release was pushed back multiple times. He pulled twin pistols and aimed them at Jack and the Witch Doctor thinking he'd been double-crossed! Captain Jolly Roger, simply known as Jolly Roger, is a powerful undead pirate and the main antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

[4] The game went through two beta testing phases during 2007, and was officially released in October of that year,[5] utilizing the Panda3D game engine. Ilosovic Stayne |

The undead pirate now wanted to not only become a Pirate Lord, but to kill Jack Sparrow and rule the Caribbean. Finally Sparrow sent pirates to try and get the Blades of El Partron, which they could use to finally end Jolly Roger.

Ghostly image of Jolly Roger on Padres Del Fuego.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online was a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Later, Roger hired a group of pirates to trick other buccaneers into working for Roger. Roger was also missing his left leg. He also lost his right hand. Jolly Roger can summon his forces to him instantly and teleport from ship to ship in a green, unearthly fog.

Enraged by Sparrow's trickery, Roger killed Beck and turned him into one of his undead minions. Zhan Tiri | Horned King | Blackbeard | In his hat, he has two playing cards which are a four of Hearts and a six of Hearts, a reminder of the fateful night he was bested by Sparrow on the last hand and was transformed into a horrible monstrosity. But that didn't help much. He sent the Casa de Muertos to find them after the invasion was defeated and they learned the weapons were located in Raven's Cove. However this is never completely confirmed.

Once an infamous pirate captain with a bad temper and a thirst for power, Roger was transformed into the undead. As a preventative measure, he launched several attacks on EITC outposts in the Caribbean.

During the battle, the undead pirate was enraged by his defeats, turning his anger towards the citizens of the Raven's Cove.

He can summon soldiers to him at a moment's notice. Jolly Roger is the main antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a MMORPG video game based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, which is based itself on the Disney theme park attraction of the same name.

Professor Zündapp, Get Jack Sparrow's Piece of Eight with the help of Amo Dorsi, Attacking several ships and ports only to feed on innocent souls.


He wore his black hair in long dreadlocks which were known to be filled with poisonous snakes, and was often seen with a large hat, out of which protruded two playing cards.

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