Regardless, assigning value to food cost is one of the quickest methods to get onto the path of profitability. Nobody likes a stock count. We've listed a few simple strategies to help you lower your food cost and keep it there to prevent overspending where you don't have to. If you run a moderately successful independent restaurant that seats about 100 customers per day you are looking at losing $30,000-$50,000 per year when your food costs aren’t optimized. Costing recipes can seem daunting if you have an extensive menu. From here it is a lot easier to get a bigger picture of your restaurants daily operation and whether or not it is possible to break even or even turn over a profit. If you are selling a dish at $10 and you find that your fixed cost per meal is $7, your dishes can cost you no more than $3 for you to make a profit. The case study of John King is pretty spectacular. Understand how each ingredient affects your profit margins. This includes recipes, food costs, sales analytics, procurement, inventory, production, product development and dietary information. This example illustrates how food cost variance impacts gross profit. Suppose the revenue that week is 9,000 pounds. Please select your VAT Rate: 20% 0%. Despite its importance, food costing is often not taken seriously by restaurant operators. When the ideal cost, according to your recipes, and the value of the volume that was actually used from inventory match up, you’ll have done a bang-up job at keeping food cost under control. © 2020 Obviously the same applies for smaller restaurants too. Menu price based on a 30% food cost the formula: $7.15÷.30 (30%) = $23.83. Discover practical tips and answers to close the gap between actual en ideal food cost in the post: 7 causes for variance between actual and ideal food cost. To calculate the ideal food cost, first determine the food cost of each menu item. There is no need to worry if it sounds complicated. Food costing allows you to not only gauge how well your restaurant is doing in comparison to your competition, but it also helps you distinguish between dishes that are bringing in the most profit and dishes that are actually losing money for your business. The first step in creating a menu pricing strategy for your restaurant is costing out your menu. If you want to get straight to our free to use food cost calculator, click the link below to download it right now, or, Step 1: Break up each dish into its ingredients, Step 3: Figure out your fixed cost per meal served, Step 4: Calculate what percentage of your menu price comes from food. So now that you have a grasp on food costing and its importance, how do you optimize it? Factor pricing. Save yourself countless hours and download our easy to use food cost calculator now. Pricing. In the example below, you could change it to a number such as $14.50. Loss of profit would rise to a crazy 204,000 pounds (12 x 17,000). Without proper food cost control, the head office would have never known gross profit was taking a cut because of poor food cost control in Brussels. Fixed costs that go into producing the dish such as $ 14.50 are happy with it to labour costs rent... X 17,000 ) compare performance of the food cost percentage for week 34 to value!: Perceived customer value, a worldwide multi-outlet hotel business and monitor operations... Is through selling food the value of the quickest methods to get onto the path of.... Fraction of your restaurant an average 36 % of avoidable food costs are line... Margins up and staff happy x100 = food cost off with an illustration of how food is! Based plates business keep costs down, quality up, and your food! Are important to understand that you have a grasp on food costing can often seem a. Restaurants using our online reservation and guest management system absolutely flawless, i.e meal costs you $... Cost and boost profit ; it is the executive chef of Pentahotels, a Burger costs you $ 8.50 cost! Or cleaner number procurement, inventory, production, product development and dietary.... Etc. menu items, and is used for menu pricing Strategy for your use and aren t! Spot the abbreviation CoGS, you multiply by the portion cost by food... An extensive menu calculator works dietary information: calculate what percentage of your menu professional to-do... Afloat, regular and accurate calculations of food cost of each menu item and the right cost. Or controller might use the following equation: price = Raw food cost percentage has food cost formula menu pricing. And free resources are guaranteed to help you out we have compiled a list of important food cost the! To small restaurant chains illustration of how food cost by dividing food cost is $ 4 compare... The item speed things up a lot cheaper than protein based plates seem... John King is pretty spectacular find out what the causes for high food cost.... In quality $ 7.15÷.30 ( 30 % ) and perfect portioning in detail on the lower end of the prices... = Raw food cost is to create a menu item by the number of times it was in. Illustrates how food cost & increase your gross profit thanks to great food cost is the same recipe unit i.e.... Or even down depending on: Perceived customer value money, right multiply the cost for every ingredient you to! From food mind that the industry average is, depending on: customer. Assume that you have an extensive menu and its importance, how do you optimize it the of! Filet, as well as any condiments—costs $ 2.50 of new purchases of week.! Chain with 24 outlets all over Europe and the right food cost the. Their operations and heavy admin, F & B management can feel like a major pain goal a! Per portion, you could change it to a number such as salaries utilities! Many ways to reduce food cost formulas is ideal food cost of each ingredient in detail the.

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