Hunter said she’d like a universal, basic income, and for Saskatchewan to be the first place in Canada to do it. Party cut that to the point that it was a joke,” he claimed.

The Saskatchewan Liberals have three candidates, including Rudachyk. Carlton Trail—Eagle Creek . We are in unprecedented times. “What if this encourages every landlord in Regina to raise their rent 77 percent in the coming year?”. We are advocating a guaranteed livable income to make sure that everyone is looked after in our society, especially as the climate crisis progresses and we see more pandemics emerging. The CTV News Decision Desk has projected a Saskatchewan Party majority government in the provincial election. GPS Leader Victor Lau points out that China is struggling to keep North Korea under control. The real growth potential in Canadian and global electricity markets resides in renewables. “I find it shameful that any party would be able to be bought by special interest groups in this way because that is what we see,” he said. “To the Meili and Wotherspoon supporters, you are welcome to join the Green Party of Saskatchewan.”, Lau stresses that it is now time to build a progressive coalition to work towards facing the challenges and opportunities of a flourishing Saskatchewan. Since 1995, the contribution of renewables towards global electricity production has increased by 155%, more than any other source. In terms of declining populations in Saskatchewan, the Liberals would like to see the Legislature reduce the number of seats. “Any agreement involving elected members of a municipal government in Saskatchewan should not include a ‘Gag Order’. He would say, ‘well, I’m sorry I forgot about seniors, we’re going to have to put something in place for them’ and the next day ‘I forgot about students’.

He stepped into an interim leadership role following the departure of Naveed Anwar on Sept. 16. To that end, her personal cellphone number is on the back of the document. Saskatchewan Party releases full platform, promises balanced budget by 2024, The party is also promising to work towards raising the basic personal income tax level, stating that “no one under the poverty line should be paying income tax.”. The leaders of the Sask. Nuclear is not. “I find that when people start coming from a place of voting for what they actually believe in instead of voting out of fear for the guy they don’t like… almost all those people that you would think aren’t necessarily leftist voters –it turns out they really are.”. Renewables are the hot ticket for future electricity production. The 2020 Saskatchewan provincial election, taking place amid a global pandemic, has been unlike any other. “This kind of rent increase is unacceptable,” says Lau. Besides Morin’s riding, Hunter said she expected a Green candidate to win in every constituency. election 2020: A look at how Saskatoon residents voted, Buffalo Party of Sask. Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe cast his ballot on Monday in Shellbrook, Sask. Speaking over Zoom from Regina, Hunter said voters deserve a government that actually cares about them.

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