I ran to get my husband and I could hear him doing battle with this thing for a minute or two. This thing had to have been 3-4 inches, and stout. Have you been taken in by these fallacies about gardening with native plants? At no point during this time, has anyone posted on here trying to make people feel less about themselves because of their fears or their subsequent actions. I saw it! Not sure what they are but scary as hell. 2 nights ago the largest flying insect I have ever seen in my life appeared in my bedroom.

Cutting a bough in the middle creates an open wound the tree can't cover over, leaving it completely vulnerable to pests and disease. jerzgrrrl posted a link to a large hornet. At 2 inches in length, it is no Ohio Giant. When it was flying the legs dangled way down. Females are 1.5 to 2 inches long, some people claim that they can reach 3 to 4 inches. "The Asian Giant Hornet was first confirmed in North America in September 2019 when it was found in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Create a garden that not only looks beautiful but also nurtures native bees — and helps other wildlife in the process, Roll out a welcome mat for pollinators to keep your landscape in balance and thriving, It's invasive, a nonnative and a poor insect magnet.

For example, the only true hornet in the USA and Canada is the European hornet, which grows to be approximately 1-1.5 inches long. It is also larger, closer to the size of your wasp. It was not a normal little bug-sized creature- it was more in the small bird size category or maybe very large dragonfly size. I'm in N W Ohio near, Michigan line. There's not a lot of information regarding size, but from what I gather they are usually around 1 inch long, smaller than 2 inches, but considering that disposable plastic forks are usually between 6 and 7 inches long, it appears that your wasp is about 1.4-1.6 inches, not 2. So I saw this monster in Farmington Missouri in 2003. Divisions.

You might be surprised to know that Ohio is home to nearly 300 insects, arachnids and other creepy crawlers–and if you’re like me, you’re definitely not OK with the fact that there are spiders in Ohio that can grow beyond the size of … It is dark brown in color and doesn't appear to have any special markings.

We were on our motorcycle one day last year and went down a road in a residential area and almost hit a mother bear and her two half grown cubs--the cubs were the size of St Bernards. When it flies away it has these really long dangling legs or appendage. I'm in North Eastern Washington state near the Idaho border and both last year as well as this year, we've had some pretty large bee-looking insects flying inside our home. FYI: Removed from the surface of my pool in Lucedale, Mississippi. The insect appears slightly fuzzy like a bee. I wasn't willing to risk my safety at the time to get a picture of it to satisfy the requirements of people like you, and I'm still not. But generally they won't go after humans. Also amazing is how the postings wobble off-topic. You leave her alone, she leaves you alone and eats other insects for you. Always assumed a female wood bee, but nope, then thought Wallace’s giant bee, but not sure.

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