We will be following up in the fall with our sibling verification process to document enrollment and ask families to notify us if there is a change in plans.

In order for our office to review an appeal based on 2020 unemployment or loss of income, please be prepared to submit the following documentation: We understand that your family may have concerns related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and all of the uncertainty around it. & Deadlines, Developmental / Waitlisted Courses and Financial Aid, Standard of Satisfactory Academic Progress, More information about the Standards of Academic Progress (SAP), Main My noncustodial parent isn’t willing to pay. Training.

The Financial Aid Office uses a holistic approach to accurately determine a student’s financial need and provides a financial aid offer that best reflects the information submitted in the financial aid application. The 2019-2020 appeal deadline … Read more about Satisfactory Academic Progress. However, the signature cannot be typed in. Directory, Careers at Family Contribution Appeals are located on our Document Verification Website Each appeal will be thoroughly reviewed. If families are able to document their estimated 2020 income and benefits, the Financial Aid office will review the information provided to determine whether an adjustment can be made at this time. You are also advised to consult with One Stop before making any academic decisions that may affect your financial aid eligibility (such as failure to attend class, class withdrawals, incompletes, etc. What type of documentation is needed for an appeal? If a Cost of Attendance Appeal is approved, you will be notified and your budget will be increased to make room for additional aid, typically in the form of federal loan funding. We will accept 2019-20 award letters if 2020-21 award letters are not available. In determining a family’s contribution, we recognize that there are a number of expenses associated with maintaining a household and supporting a family but we are unable to make a dollar for dollar allowance for these. Secure fax: 607-255-6329 | Secure Online Upload. Students that fail to do so are placed on Financial Aid suspension and become ineligible for all Financial Aid programs for one year.

Students who fall in this category are below the required 2.0 GPA and 66.67% completion rate. The components that we will evaluate are the parent contribution, student contribution, and initial offers of loan and work. Students who have been laid off from work or whose ability to complete/pass coursework has been impacted as a result of the COVID-19 virus, should explain this in their personal statement and include any documentation related to the extenuating circumstance. The following questions and answers are provided as a resource for students and families regarding financial aid appeals. The 2020-2021 appeal is now available.
Please do not mail in physical appeals. We are permitted to make changes to data elements submitted on the Financial Aid Application (i.e. If there has been no change in your circumstances since you filed your initial application, unfortunately, we are unable to accept an appeal. • Attach an invoice, retail description or receipt of the computer you purchased/intend to purchase as your Third-Party Documentation A successful appeal will allow the student to be placed on Financial Aid probation and have their eligibility reinstated immediately. These circumstances must be documented by an objective third party (e.g., pastor, high school or college counselor, a social service agency official, etc.) Students interested in appealing must submit to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services an appeal form with all required documentation. Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency.

Adjusted Gross Income, Dependency Status, etc. A student can request a Cost of Attendance Appeal if they believe the Cost of Attendance used in determining the financial aid package was insufficient. Cursive type is not accepted. Where can I fill out and submit an appeal? If you have additional questions, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss them with you. I can’t afford the parent contribution in my financial aid offer; can I appeal this decision?

We will review these to see if there is enough information to move forward without a copy of your 2019 federal tax return. • Any purchase above $2000 will be subject to an additional review before approval Students determined to be dependent must provide parental information, while students determined to be independent do not need to provide parental information. We are only processing appeals that are submitted electronically through our document website listed above. Will my appeal be reviewed for the current academic year? In order for our office to review an appeal based on 2020 unemployment or loss of income, please be prepared to submit the following documentation: We recognize that the changing state of the economy may have an impact on families’ assets. Students on an AP contract who skip a term will also be suspended. Financial Aid Probation Appeal. All budget increases will be in the form of additional loan eligibility. We are only processing appeals that are submitted electronically through our document website listed above. What if I don’t have my 2019 taxes completed yet?

The Professional Judgment Dependency Override Appeal is located here. • You must have a Financial Aid Award letter from our office • After your request is processed you will receive an email with further instructions. The descriptions below outline the appeal processes used by our office. The form must be either printed out and signed or electronically signed. If you are filing an appeal that includes medical expences, please use the itemized medical expense worksheet which can also be included in the appeal. Medical expenses paid. Family Profiles: New York State Residents, Cornell’s Commitment to Access and Affordability, Course Repeats and Financial Aid Eligibility, Eligible U.S. Cornell’s financial aid policy is based on the belief that it is the responsibility of both parents to pay a student’s educational expenses based on their ability to pay and not their willingness to do so. (Business Tax Forms may include: 1065, 1120, 1120S). Please understand that recent changes in family income or employment status may not result in an immediate change to your financial aid decision. My family has high debt (consumer) and living expenses, therefore, we do not have enough disposable income to meet our required parent contribution; can I appeal?

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