The Canadian oil company’s global operation is not party to Line 5’s 1953 easement through the Straits and isn't part of two other recent agreements with the state, according the report from American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC. Enbridge Inc. will directly pledge its own assets for the remainder of the financial assurance requirements (to meet or exceed $1.878 billion, annually adjusted for inflation). Duffy countered Nessel’s claim that Enbridge had “misrepresented” its financial position, noting the company had supplied the state on Oct. 4 with its annual financial assurance verification. LANSING -- Michigan wants assurance that Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge will cover the financial cost of an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac—and it wants it in writing this time. “As recent events have reminded us, we must get these pipelines that transport crude oil out of the Great Lakes as soon as possible,” Eichinger said in a statement.

He sent a tar ball, a water column sample, and a sample of the diluted bitumen taken on the second day of the spill to ACT laboratories in Alabama, where they were analyzed by chemist Robert Naman. According to Michelle Barlond-Smith, “there was no public notice in newspapers, there was no public notice to people who might be going down the river… they’re putting this stuff into the creek that leads into the river and no one would have seen it… In my opinion we’ve been turned into a large experiment, a giant slide if you will.

To Dr. Ott, the adverse health impacts of recent oil spills seem to be amplified by the use of solvents that are “petroleum distillates… the base chemicals for fracking fluids, diluents, and dispersants.” She believes that, whether or not Enbridge’s clean-up operation involved dumping dispersant-like chemicals into the water, tar sands diluted bitumen is already a much more dangerous substance than conventional crude because it combines bitumen with a solvent.
“The bottom line is Enbridge will take full responsibility and pay for all costs related to an incident,” said Enbridge spokesman Ryan Duffy. The issue has a simple solution, he said.

“The oil-solvent combination is more toxic than the oil alone.
“We are required by law to cover the costs of clean up and respond, but beyond that we would do that because it’s the right thing to do,” Duffy said.

I saw the skin lesions, hair loss… people have also been complaining of hemorrhoids,” Ott said.

Enbridge says the underwater section, laid in 1953, is in good condition and has never leaked. "All we’re recommending is have Enbridge Inc. sign (the agreement) and then you’re done," Dybdahl said.

Enbridge strongly denies Mr. Bolenbaugh’s accusations, but the plaintiff says he has documents showing that Enbridge cleanup crews had to re-dredge areas that weren’t properly dredged before, as Mr. Bolebaugh claimed years later – areas that were signed off on by Enbridge and the EPA. “When I did get a chance to get close to one of those trucks it had a real strong herbicide, almost pesticide, chemical smell to it,” Ritter explained.

LANSING -- Michigan wants assurance that Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge will cover the financial cost of an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac—and it wants it in writing this time. “In the event of a catastrophic oil spill, the people of the state of Michigan could be left holding the bag for more than a billion dollars in unfunded liability,” she said in a statement. My biggest fear is for the deadline to come and go and Enbridge is given a clean bill and they’re able to walk away, and here the residents of Michigan and the taxpayers are going to be left with whatever type of clean-up or responsibility there is afterwards. However, the report says the state cannot hold … Former oil spill cleanup worker on mission against Canadian tar sands fuel, Contractors to make millions off coal ash spill cleanup, Gulf residents, ecology facing deadly aftershocks of BP’s oil spill cover-up, BP puts oil spill cleanup into high gear on Mississippi’s barrier islands, Scientific conference explores broad impact of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Environmental to clean up the spill. Enbridge Inc. names the State of Michigan as an additional insured party on the identified policies so that Michigan’s right of recovery is not derivative. The first time I heard about it was probably a month into the spill.

We’re the canaries and the lab rats.” I asked Michelle if anyone has been using the river recreationally, and she said that her neighbor’s son went tubing on the river once it re-opened, only to break out in rashes shortly after. That incident on July 25, 2010 remains the second-largest inland oil spill in U.S. history.

provide us, the better we can evaluate your claim. “The actions taken to add surfactants to spilled oil in the Kalamazoo River oil spill were at a minimum criminal as were those during the BP Macondo oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico,” Naman said. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whistleblower accuses Enbridge, contractors of Kalamazoo oil spill cover-up Kurt Niland May 13, 2014 An oil spill cleanup worker is suing his former employer, S.E.T. If you are It’s been three and a half years since Enbridge’s Line 6B pipeline ruptured in Marshall, Michigan, leaking more than 843,000 gallons of diluted tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River. After a day of speaking to people at the “head office” and “the most senior level” of the company, as well as the department that “was at the scene and coordinated the emergency response and remediation aspects of the entire response from the Kalamazoo spill,” Graham White called me with the company’s final answer: “I can say now, with a very high level of confidence after speaking to all those people, that we used no chemicals including dispersants, bioremediation agents, surface washing agents, surfactants, or washing agents of any kind in any part of the clean-up and in fact made a conscious decision not to use any chemicals on the site in the clean-up whatsoever.”, But trudging through the woods, near the Talmadge Creek site where the spill originated, Craig Ritter made a second unlikely discovery after he pulled some weathered documents out of the mud, which directly contradict Enbridge’s story. 495738 shares

It was during a later hearing before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission that Enbridge Chief Financial Officer Chris Johnston gave testimony informing the American Risk Management Resources' Michigan report, Dybdahl said.

The agreement with Snyder included a pledge to hold the state financially harmless for any damages from a Line 5 spill. Enbridge last year agreed to pay $500 million to build a tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac as a safety precaution to house Line 5 and other utilities and has committed $40 million to the project this year.

The state of Michigan wants Enbridge to promise it will cover costs from a potential oil spill in the channel that links two of the Great Lakes.

The pipeline, which traverses the bottomlands of the Great Lakes before cutting through the Lower Peninsula to Canada near Port Huron, is made up of an east and west “leg.” .

The analysis released last week and requested by Attorney General Dana Nessel found that parent company Enbridge Inc. could afford to pay for a spill requiring $1.8 billion in cleanup and remediation, a figure estimated by the Independent Risk Analysis for the Straits Pipeline.

A statement by scientists compiled after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico argued that “oil, when combined with dispersants in the water column is more toxic to marine species than either oil or dispersant alone” and “can enter the marine food chain and bio-accumulate in animal tissue.” As for human bodies, the “same properties that facilitate the movement of dispersant through oil also make it easier for them to move through cell walls, skin barriers, and membranes that protect vital organs, underlying layers of the skin, the surface of eyes, mouths, and other structures… dispersants facilitate the entry of oil into the body, into cells, which can result in damage to every organ system.” The side effects of oil exposure, the statement warns, are more likely to occur if oil is mixed with a dispersant, and can include “lung, liver, and kidney damage, infertility, immune system suppression, disruption of hormone levels, blood disorders, mutations, and cancer.”. But the state maintains that this isn’t adequate.


Gretchen Whitmer in a statement. Such a spill would have a catastrophic effect on the Great Lakes because of the pipelines' placement between Lakes Michigan and Huron. “We’ve been suffering enough from it.”, Earth First! Whether the 67-year-old line should remain in the water is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit between the state and Enbridge.

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