•  Auroral Serpent  Rōmaji name

Gemma is alive, and is still fairly important to the game. I hope you didn't take this weird argument as your basis to trash a good game. •  Tickington  With the skirmish resolved, Gemma recites the prayer, thus completing the ritual. •  Heliodor  •  Nautica  With the church being the only remaining building, she and Amber petition the party for their aid in restoring the village. The rain that had fallen on the area ceased, and the skies cleared. •  Veronica 

Luminary(companion) Cole tries to explain that he had hoped to prank Gemma when the monsters appeared, but Gemma scolds him and orders him back to Cobblestone with Sandy. She is kindly and sweet, though very protective.

She is very attached to her best friends. •  Fun-Size Forge recipes 

What a day! •  Hendrik, Jasper  •  Insula Occidentalis  "Do you remember when we climbed the Tor together, "Nothing's scary as long as you're by my side!" Dragon Quest XI This page was last edited on 20 May 2020, at 14:43. For me?"

Dragon Quest Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Gemma mostly serves as a tutorial character. I'm so excited! •  Armour  Dragon Quest 5 is the worst offender in the series: SO MUCH WRONG happens with the main character, and NO emotion is ever shown.

•  Mordegon  •  The Gyldenhal  Hero 
It feels a lifetime ago that we came here for the ceremony, doesn't it? (If the Luminary marries her and they reach the top of Cobblestone Tor), "Hee hee! On the birthday they become an adult, the pair decides to participate in a coming-of-age ritual together. •  Grotta della Fonte  She is the childhood friend of the Luminary and was born on the same day as him in the village of Cobblestone. Once again, she has the Luminary following her inside the ruins of Cobblestone, now The Last Bastion, where survivors of the Fall have gathered. Gemma is a young woman with blue eyes and long blonde hair that is covered by a red kerchief.

She is the childhood friend of the Hero and was born on the same day as him in the village of Cobblestone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

•  Path to Trial Isle  •  Lord of Shadows  •  Materials  She wears a white peasant blouse covered by a myrtle green dress and a red apron, as well as a pair of brown boots.

•  Mount Pang Lai 

•  Sniflheim Region 

Female And when you've finally finished saving the world, I'll be right here waiting. •  L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles 

Family The game just act like the hero doesnt care about gemma. (If the Luminary marries her and leaves their house), "You're full of beans, aren't you? What happens to her after this remains unknown. Recreating our wedding up on the Tor was wonderful! •  Calasmos, Cobblestone  https://dragonquest.fandom.com/wiki/Gemma?oldid=198366, "Welcome home...darling! •  Laguna di Gondolia  If for any reason the Luminary is low on HP or MP, Gemma will toss a recovery item to him. Once you’ve completed the main quest, there are still plenty of activities to experience in Dragon Quest 11.One of those unlabeled quests is actually located in your home town. •  Alizarin  Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Tee hee! The Luminary is to go on his journey. •  Gondolia  •  The Costa Valor 
•  Bestiary  The Luminary dispatches them in short order, with Sandy's aid. •  Weapons.

•  Skills  •  Caverns under Octagonia  She treats her friends with respect, mostly the Luminary. Race(s) Let's go out for a lover's stroll!"

•  Octagonia  •  Spells  Speaking of which, how nervous were we both when we had to cut it?

Even while you're far away on adventures I couldn't even dream of...I'll always be here, you know. •  Tyriant 

Haven't you got big and strong, though! Gemma is captured along with other residents when Heliodor sacks Cobblestone in order to root out the Darkspawn they claim is there. エマ To perform the rite, they must climb to the summit of Cobblestone Tor and offer a prayer. It was so romantic! We can take in the view, for old times' sake."

(If the Luminary declines taking a stroll), "Oh, I know! Gemma is very kind and pretty outgoing. To do so, they will need to find able help from around Erdrea.

In an instant, Gemma and the Luminary are attacked by a Hades condor. •  Shields  •  Jade  •  Gallopolis 

And were so lucky with the weather! Here comes my best priest impression! •  Insula Algarum  On their 16th birthday, they decided to participate in the traditional coming-of-age ritual on Cobblestone Tor together before he goes to fulfill his destiny as the Luminary. •  Phnom Nonh  Though still perplexed by the monster attacks, Gemma continues on with the Luminary to reach the top of the Tor. •  Boodica  •  Heliodorian Foothills  As our hero prepares to depart in the morning, Gemma is hard at work, and fashions a charm as her parting gift to him. (If the Luminary marries her, goes to Cobblestone Tor, and goes to their house). DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™, So I was back at cobblestone and evrything destroyed....Is all of them are dead? I promise to love you too, of course. •  Arboria  Human I'm so glad you agreed to do it!" •  The Kingsbarrow  •  Citadel of Spite, Accessories  (If the Luminary marries her, visits her in Cobblestone, and takes up her offer to rest), "Morning, darling! •  Insula Borealis 

Gemma (エマ, Emma) is a character in Dragon Quest XI. •  Cryptic Crypt  I felt like my hands were made of jelly! Gemma is a character in XI. •  The Cruel Crypt 

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