Everyone in Monterey, it seems, is about to snap. Madeline has gone about her apology to Ed entirely like an advice columnist might advise. “I married a man,” she acknowledges, “who would take all my accomplishments and just turn them to shit.” The laws that govern marriage and finance used to fuck over divorcing women in the ’50s and ’60s by leaving them entirely out of the earnings’ equations and sending them off with a pittance.

A condo in Aspen, a four-bedroom house in Palm Beach, a 50-foot yacht (“The Amabella!” Gordon can’t help but interject), their $20 million glass-walled pad in Monterey.

But as much fun as it is to ogle this kind of obscene wealth, watching “self-made” Renata crumble into a woman forced to hand over her wedding ring and itemize her therapy bill is a blow to every bone in my feminist body. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Now they fuck over the self-made wife by tying her up inside her husband’s misdeeds. Most troubling for Madeline, though, aside from the fact that she thinks Ed is “far from here,” is what her green-tinted vision sees as a potential dalliance between Bonnie and Ed. ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Unhinged Is it still pretending if everyone can see through it? Bonnie and Renata adorably tease Jane about how cute he is, prompting Jane to tell them to be cool. For the umpteenth time in a row this season (okay, the fourth), Mary Louise and Celeste steal the show. Bonnie most of all, but Madeline too, and certainly Renata.

And those are just the real-estate assets.

That’s a scene that plays during the reading of the nominees at the Emmys if I’ve ever seen one! Emmy Submission Moment of the Week: Celeste slapping Mary Louise. Loy may like to monologue, but he’s not just talk. Are those ocean waves — and Bonnie’s floating body — truly part of some mystical experience? Speaking of the abyss, the Kleins are looking into a big dark hole where all their buried treasure used to be. It turns out that once again Ambien didn’t quite agree with her. Either way, she’s greedy to get her hands on Celeste’s boys, to shelter them from what she delusionally sees as harm. Big Little Lies is essentially Madeline’s show; the novel too was mostly told from her point of view. The only thing that puts any spring in his step, literally, is Bonnie, whom he dances with lightheartedly at Amabella’s birthday party — while simultaneously declining to dance with his wife. She’s the hub of the collective wheel of Monterey moms, and her own life, complicated as it may be, has always acted more like glue than substance itself. I know she’s trying to take down our girls, but I respect the hell out of Quinlan. Most Gen Z-ers probably don’t care about dinosaurs like The Trammps, but maybe D.J. Her smug expression as she turns back to face Celeste, confident that, although she’s just been smacked, she’s actually the victor. Thankfully, Jane arrives and pulls her away, revealing that the detective was there for an unrelated case.

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