It is not an identification handbook, but explains idenntification to genus level. Stacks of upturned turfs, left to rot down in a sunny place are sometimes colonised by mining bees, so long as you clip the grass on the side facing the sun. Most of them are expensive, and sadly many of them are inadequate for a number of possible reasons: The manufacturers do not provide proper instructions about long-term management, nor do they mention that Red Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees (which are the species they aim to attract) are not found in some parts of Britain and Ireland. Rolls of dried reeds (sold as portable screens in garden centres) can also be cut up and placed in your bee house will be used by very small species of solitary bees. Composite materials such as hardboard, chipboard or particleboard are not suitable because they will disintegrate in the rain. The following techniques will help you maintain a healthy population and may help to prevent the build-up of parasites such as the, This is a very small fly with red eyes that you may see around your Red Mason Bee tunnels. The only commercially-made bee houses that I would suggest trying out are those from. This issue has recently (2017) been discussed in an, On the continent some wildlife-friendly gardeners build special, For more detailed discussion of bee houses and their design the primary source is the, More information and fact sheets about bee homes and the conservation of various species wild bees in the UK are available from. It is also possible to make a very large, free standing one, and pile up drilled logs and timber into it. Safe for The Mason Bees. They do not have painful stings like honeybees. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. (Do not use fencing timbers as these are normally treated with chemicals). Identify at the end of the summer any cells that remain in a walled-up condition from the previous year because no young bees emerged.

Carefully clean away any sawdust, as this will also put them off. (See photograph at foot of this page), however there is a debate as to whether this is a good idea, as Mason Bees in the wild would never live in such large numbers in close proximity to each other, and these large concentrations of tubes could be inviting invasions by parasites and diseases if not carefully managed. The resources must be available in terms of time and effort needed to sustain and manage a large bee house on an annual basis.
The contents of these cells will be dead and should be removed and destroyed.

Although they are known as solitary bees, some species will group their nest cells together in aggregations, and a few have evolved social behaviour rather like bumblebees. Nature's Way Bird Products 066559 PWH1-A Bee House, Yellow, TZSSP Bee House Outdoor Handmade Wood and Bamboo Attract More Pollinating Wooden Insect Hotels Bees Bee Hotel,Blue, Shinegro Insect Wooden House bee Hotel Bug Home Hive Sanctuary for Carpenters Mason Solitary Bee in Garden 10.2"x5.5"x3.9", FAMKIT Wooden Insect Bee House Bug Room Hotel Shelter Garden Lawn Decoration Nests Box, Wildlife World BBAR Mason Bee Barrel, Brown, Woodlink 28552 Heavy Duty Cedar Mason Bee, Small Insect House, 9.5" H, Wood, Garden Bee Box Insect Hotel Insect House Insect Feeding Nest Butterfly Insect Hotel Nesting Box for Bees Butterflies, IA Crafts Bamboo Tubes, for Mason Bees, Natural Bamboo Bee Nest, Easy to Split for Cocoon Harvest, 5.9" Long and 0.27"-0.4" Inner Diameter (0.75), Evergreen Garden Bee, Butterfly, and Ladybug Wooden Multi Habitat Hotel with Stake, Woonden Multi Habitat Insect House Outdoor Garden Decorative Wooden Insect Hotels for Bee, Butterfly and Beetle Tree of Life Light Green, Rivajam Build A Mason Bee House | Wooden DIY Arts & Crafts Backyard Garden Project Kit to Learn Nature | Assemble a Beehive House Hotel for Solitary Native Bees. Further north, and in Scotland and Ireland, the bee fauna is not so rich, and some of the species described here are not yet recorded in your areas. This is very important – winter wet, not cold, is their enemy. A number of the species that are commonly seen in gardens, such as Red Mason and Leafcutter Bees, nest in tubes or tunnels. You can treat the exterior of the completed bee house with a water-based varnish or fence paint if you wish. Once you have made a bee house, for the sake of the bees using it, you should not simply site your bee house and forget it. The fly larvae then bite small holes in the mud walls of the cells, before pupating. It is easy to make a larger house for solitary bees. It has an overhanging tile roof to deflect rain. Your backyard is home to many insects, so why not give these crawling creatures a great place to land and live? You can remove the occupied logs and tubes and keep them in a cold dry place during the winter, to protect them from winter wet, replacing them in the bee house in March. Solitary Bee Houses are not Bumblebee Nest Boxes. You can view distribution maps at the BWARS website, and in Falk and Lewington's field guide (see details below at foot of page). These cardboard tubes are very popular with Red Mason Bees, but do not suit the smaller species. A bee house must be firmly fixed, so that it does not swing or sway in the wind, so you should not hang it from a branch. Fill it with blocks of wood or small logs into which you have drilled small holes. On my North America page there are some more links to sites that will tell you about solitary bees and other pollinators in your countries. Unlike social bees like bumblebees and honeybees, solitary bees nest individually, laying eggs in hollow stems such as bamboo, teasel and sunflower stems.
If your bee house has a good overhanging roof and is completely rainproof you can leave the tubes there during autumn and winter. Bear in mind that these houses need to be managed and the blocks, drilled logs or tubes have to be inspected and replaced in the way I suggest above. For the structure of the house you can use any timber that you have to hand, so long as it has not been recently treated with a solvent-based wood preservative. In the light of public concern about sudden bee declines as reported in the media, (a story in fact originating from honey bee declines in North America), many horticultural suppliers have jumped on to a lucrative bandwagon and a number of commercially-made wooden bee houses are now available. Note these solitary wasps do not sting people! These bee houses are also called 'trap nests', or in America, 'bee condos'. Some species of small solitary wasps may also take up residence. If dampness gets into a cell the pollen store can go mouldy or the bee larva or pupa itself can succumb to fungus diseases. The diameter of the holes should not exceed 10mm. Insect hotels are charming outdoor structures crafted to brave the elements and provide a suitable dwelling for a variety of bugs including bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and more. (See photograph). In most cases if they attempt to sting, you will not even feel it. Harmless to us, they are predators of small insects. Only tube-nesting solitary bees will use the kind of bee house I describe here. Better to encourage the kind of flowery habitat, not over-manicured, that bumblebees like, and let them find their own nest sites. You can also use any other large opaque plastic container, or an old wooden box for this purpose. Bee activity will cease by mid-September at the latest; Mason Bees earlier. That will not help bees. If you choose logs make sure that they are not cracked or split making it easier for pests or fungus spores to spread. They don’t appeal to all types of bee … If you don't have any timber around that you can re-cycle, builders merchants often have off-cuts of wood available cheaply. These should be placed in an upright position in your bee house. You should replace blocks every two years with brand new ones. You many need to fence the bank with chicken wire to discourage cats, dogs, or urban foxes. Most drill bits are fairly short anyway.

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