Antonia turns down an offer of marriage from Farmer Bas, but develops a lasting romance with him.

Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. She decides to keep the baby and gives birth to Sarah, the film's narrator, who has a fascination with death. They should come out muddy brown, but the rainbow endures. By the time the film is over, you feel you could walk down its village streets and greet everyone by name. A pariah, Pitte flees the village. After World War II, Antonia (Willeke van Ammelrooy) and her daughter, Danielle (Els Dottermans), go back to their Dutch hometown, where Antonia's late mother has bestowed a small farm upon her. His room is a shrine to philosophers, and he believes that life is without meaning, that there is no existence after death, that hope is wasted, that God is dead. The filmmaker, Marleen Gorris, believes women have innate understanding and common sense, and that, left to run things, they will right wrongs and encourage sanity. In fact, the narrator of "Antonia's Line," Antonia's great-granddaughter, is very fond of reminding us that so it goes; the movie is punctuated with moments in which we are assured that season followed season, and crops were planted and harvested, and life went on, and nothing much changed. "I can get those at home," he observes, but he comes anyway, and eventually Antonia tells him, "You can't have my hand, but you can have the rest." I was thinking, you're a widow and my wife is dead. The film covers a breadth of topics, with themes ranging from death and religion to sex, intimacy, lesbianism,[6] friendship and love. Antonia's Line is not a fairy tale with a feminist twist, but one with feminist ideology at its core—it's in its messages and its characters and its structure.

[13] Roger Ebert gave the film four stars, saying the film showed "the everyday realities of rural life, a cheerful feminism, a lot of easygoing sex and a gallery of unforgettable characters". It enjoyed critical success and several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 68th Academy Awards. Boer Bas: About you and me.

These fancies are not as important as the solid, life-affirming values of Antonia, who is embodied by Willeke van Ammelrooy in a remarkable performance.
[9] Funding ultimately came from the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. settles down and produces a dozen or so children. My sons need a mother. It is not an ordinary funeral; the mother sits up in her coffin to sing "My Blue Heaven," and a statue of Jesus smiles. Antonia… She referred to Antonia as "a celebration of life", incorporating fairy tale elements and cruel details. Following World War II, the widow Antonia and her daughter Danielle arrive at Antonia's home town where her mother is dying.

However, what transpires in-between presents a rich story … Stone of the Boston Review called it an "astonishingly beautiful film" representing "a truce in the gender war". [7] Gorris finished the screenplay in 1988. | [12] Dutch writer Hans Kroon suggested the U.S. reception was out of a need for escapism. There is also Farmer Bas, who comes courting one day with his five sons and makes a proposal of marriage centering largely on the boys' need for a mother. The movie, just nominated for the best foreign film Oscar, is about a matriarchy founded by a woman named Antonia (Willeke van Ammelrooy), who after World War II returns to her Dutch village. [14] Emanuel Levy, writing for The Advocate, wrote "It's easy to see why" the film was winning awards in festivals, calling it "an enchanting fairy tale that maintains a consistently warm, lighthearted feel", and Willeke van Ammelrooy wonderful. Boer Bas: Don't you need a husband? [1] Filming finished in November 1994. Danielle, who has a vivid imagination, becomes an artist and expresses interest in raising a child, while rejecting the idea of having a husband. Danielle falls in love with Therèse's tutor, Lara, and they remain together in a lesbian relationship. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet.

Antonia and Danielle visit the city to find a man to impregnate Danielle, resulting in the birth of Therèse, a child prodigy. It's one that rethinks the way fairy tales shape our world and morals. [9] Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times said Antonia's Line is "Beautiful, tender, hearty and poetic", and Van Ammelrooy is warm. She goes on to write, "Female desire is represented in all of its diverse manifestations: Antonia's wish for independence, Danielle's quest for artistic creativity, Therèse's pursuit of knowledge, and Sarah's curiosity about life in general". And so it goes. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. | [19], In his 2002 Movie & Video Guide, Leonard Maltin called it "a treat from start to finish". cummings' poem "anyone lived in a pretty how town" comes to mind and has the same sad, romantic, elegiac, pastoral tone. Actors: Willeke van Ammelrooy, Jan Decleir. [10], Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, List of submissions to the 68th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, List of Dutch submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, "Fairy tale for feminists sparkles in 'Antonia's Line, "Feminist fairy tale is a lovely, meandering film", "Antonia's Line (1995): Miscellaneous Notes", "A Line of Strong Women With Faith in Destiny", "The Reader's Guide to the 34th Annual Chicago International Film Festival", "The 68th Academy Awards (1996) Nominees and Winners", "Film Not in the English Language in 1997", British Academy of Film and Television Arts, "`Maborosi' Captures Top Film Fest Prize", "Antonia's Line: A Values & Visions Guide", "Just Women: Marlene Gorris' Antonia's Line", "Feminist Classic 'Antonia's Line' Is Still Rewarding, Still Relevant", Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, Toronto International Film Festival People's Choice Award, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,, Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award winners, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jan Steen as Lippen Willem (also called Loony Lips), This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 17:14.
[8] With the help of producer Hans de Weers, Gorris found investors and also worked with British producer Judy Counihan of Red Hot Organization. Antonia and the others listen to Crooked Finger but do not subscribe to his gloom. However, making the film took three attempts, with challenges stemming from putting together a large cast and finding a village that could be portrayed as realistic for a 50-year period. They agree that once a week is enough. She and her daughter have come back to bury her old mother. There are dark days, two of them involving rape, but the women take direct measures: One miscreant is punctured by a pitchfork, and another receives Antonia's curse. Be the first to contribute!

What we remember most of all is the way Antonia's extended family grows. Antonia: What about? Children and grandchildren, in-laws and outlaws, neighbors, friends and drifters all come to sit at her long, long dinner table, and all learn the same simple rule, which is to look for the good in others - and to not criticize those who have found a way to be happy without seriously bothering anybody.

Analysis: Antonia’s Line won the Oscar for the best foreign language film of 1995, the first film by a female director ever to accomplish this feat. In an anonymous Dutch village, a sturdy, strong-willed matriarch looks back upon her life, the generations of family and friends gathered around her table, and ponders the cyclical nature of …

So does the village priest, who one day flings his cassock in the air, shouts "I'm free!" e.e. Antonia later dies of old age, surrounded by family and friends. She reunites with her old friend Crooked Finger, a depressed intellectual who refuses to leave his house. Antonia doesn't want "all that confusion" in her house, or his, and so they build a little cottage for their meetings.

It is intended for the American troops. [23], Antonia's Line won the 1996 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film,[20] the Toronto International Film Festival People's Choice award,[18] and two Nederlands Film Festival Golden Calf awards. Antonia finds this underwhelming, but invites him to come over from time to time to do chores, for which she will pay him with hot breakfasts and cups of tea. [20] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 67%, based on 48 reviews. A Dutch matron establishes and, for several generations, oversees a close-knit, matriarchal community where feminism and liberalism thrive. [15] Janet Maslin of The New York Times called it "a work of magical feminism". Sarah observes many of her elders die off, including Crooked Finger who commits suicide, and Loony Lips who suffers a tractor accident on the farm. Parents Guide, People's Choice TIFF Winners Toronto Film Festival. Antonia's Line was made after challenges in finding locations and funding in the 1980s and 1990s. Years later, Pitte returns to town to collect his inheritance and rapes Therèse. You are a good-looking woman.

Plot Keywords About marriage. Synopsis [9] The budget was £1.5 million. "Antonia's Line" finds its colors in many cultures and stirs them in the same jolly pot. It was eventually filmed in Belgium.

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